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Rueda de prensa de Zidane en Montreal

Zidane: “I'm very happy with the squad we've got, we've just won the Champions League"

NEWS | 18/07/2016 | Alberto Navarro (Montreal)

"The most important thing is that we get the work done and I'm delighted with what I've seen today", he stated during his first press conference in Montreal.
Following on from Real Madrid's first training session at Montreal Impact's training ground Zinedine Zidane faced the press gathered inside the media room and the European champions' coach had the following to say: "The most important thing is to get the work done. We've only just arrived and we've now got 10 days here in Canada in which to work, this is the most important aspect for me. We've then got the three games. Gradually things will start to come out, but up until 31 August you can never tell what's going to happen. We're happy with our squad because there is a lot of depth and quality to it and we've just won the European Cup.

"Having depth in the squad gives you issues when naming your starting line-up, but such is the way of things when you're head coach of Real Madrid. I'm not put off by looking down at the youth team because we've got some very good players there. Some of them go out and play for a year and do really well and then come back to us. I'm delighted to have such depth in the squad because we're going to need all of them, given that we're involved in so many competitions".

"It was a light session with it being the first one, we just arrived yesterday and we didn't get that much sleep. Tomorrow we'll do more, but I'm pleased with what I've seen. We're coming into pre-season in the best possible shape. We're all happy to be back at work. We know that we've still got a lot of players to come back, but we're glad to be back and working with the players again".

"It's down to the arrangements that the club makes and I'm happy to be here in Canada this year. It's a marvellous place for us to be working and that's the most important thing. It's a very good place in which to work, with excellent facilities. I used to visit Canada very frequently, I love the country, the atmosphere and the landscape".

"I'm happy with the squad I've got and it's tough to improve upon it. He's a player that I like. He's a good player, but he's not the only player I like, but at present he's a Juventus player. I've got many members of the squad missing here, but with the Euros there's nothing I can do about it. We'll prepare for the three pre-season fixtures and the game in Norway, which is a very important one for us".

We're very happy to have Álvaro Morata with us.

"Morata is just another member of the squad. He's come back and I'm happy with that. He's a home-grown player, he knows what it's all about at Madrid and we're happy to have Álvaro with us. We've got a lot of depth to the squad and they're all going to be important, that'll always be the case. Álvaro is just another player".

"The idea remains the same. He's a Real Madrid player and he'll be back with us on 26 July, along with Ramos and Modric. I'll speak to him, but just as I do with all of the other players. I'm not going to go saying that he's not a starter, he's an important player and one who has had less playing time, but that's not the way I see things. Whenever he was available to play, I played him and it'll be the same again this season. I've got a very big squad and it's tough to name your team. I'll always field the most competitive side".

"He's a member of the squad. Last year he didn't get much playing time. I'm head coach of Real Madrid and I want him here because I like him. His family can tell him to go and seek out playing time, but perhaps he'll get that time here. He's a player I like a lot and I want him here".

Final of the European Championships
"France had an excellent tournament. We would have liked the result to have gone differently, but they had a good Euros and performed well. I'm just another fan of the French national team and I'm pleased with how they played. It's my country, where I grew up and I faced many challenges when playing for the national team. We must continue to be positive after what was an excellent tournament".

Relationship with Italy
"I've got contacts in Italy and people who are still in football there. After France, Italy is the next country which helped me to develop professionally".

"I don't follow MLS because I'm focussed on my work with Real Madrid. I just concentrate on what I need to do along with my team".