Real Madrid - Chelsea

Zidane: "I am happy, we played well and with intensity"

NEWS | 30/07/2016 | ALBERTO NAVARRO (Ann Arbor) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia/Antonio Villalba

“It is a joy to watch Marcelo play”, The Whites' coach added.
Having finished the second pre-season game, Zidane spoke to the press, analysing his players' progression and the win against Chelsea at Michigan Stadium: “We attacked well on the left. We played well and with intensity. I am happy with the game we played. We saw some new elements but we are still preparing”.

“The team are doing well and this game was important for us to see more, and we did see that. We have another match in order to prepare for the Supercup and I think that will be preparation enough”.

“It is a joy to watch him play. He is showing himself to be a captain. He is spectacular and it is important for a captain to lead by example. We are happy with him and it is important for us to find our feet. We still have time to keep working”.

Jesé and Isco
“It seems that PSG are talking about Jesé but we don't know anything. The idea was for him not to play today. Isco had a few concerns, he took a knock, and it was better for him not to play so that he would be fresh for the next game”.

We have another match in order to prepare for the Supercup and I think that will be preparation enough.

"Morata is a Real Madrid player and we are very happy to have him home and he will be with us this year. He has just started. He is happy, finding his feet and needs time and work. He looked good in terms of what we want: depth, fight and helping out the defence. I am happy with him”.

“You know about the players this squad had and now we have Morata. It would be good if Mariano played more minutes, we'll look into that when we're in Madrid. We need to speak to him and make a decision for him and the club. The important thing is that he plays because he has something to offer this team if given more minutes”.

“He is a very good player and every team wants the best players. He is a Chelsea player and I can't say anything more. We know his capabilities and he showed his quality in the short time he was on the pitch today”.