Keylor Navas

Navas: "I'm heading into the new season eager to work hard and give my all"

NEWS | 28/07/2016

"One of the things that helped us to win the Champions League was learning very quickly what Zidane wanted from us", he added.
Keylor Navas is going into his third season as Real Madrid's number one. The Costa Rican is working on getting back to full fitness and in an interview with Adidas he spoke about his role in the team, Zidane, the Undécima triumph and how he views the upcoming campaign: “I am going to work with the hunger to improve on what I've done so far and keep becoming a better person and a better footballer”.

"I'm very excited heading into the new season. I'm eager to work hard and I know I'll have to give my all. I've got the benefit of knowing what the club is all about, how to work with my team mates, things that were new for me before are now becoming familiar. You can always learn and get better".

"He really understands us. He's clear in his ideas and we all try to understand what he wants as quickly as possible so we can put it into practice on the pitch. One of the things that helped us to win the Champions League was that we learned very quickly and had the ideas clear in our minds. In the end we managed to achieve our goal".
Champions League final memories
"I try to remember all of it. Before we got to the final, I was just trying to enjoy it as much as possible, live it all to the full, regardless of the situation. They're special moments and I made sure I experienced them intensely, I enjoyed the happy times as well as moments when we had to work hard. Becoming champions really was the icing on the cake".
Unbeaten for 338 minutes in the Champions League
"It was a beautiful thing and a very intense experience. Nobody achieves anything without the help of their team mates. It's an individual milestone but I always say that if they left me alone between the posts, I'd definitely concede a lot of goals. When they are there to help me out, I'm just a reflection of the team and I'll always be thankful to my team mates".

I try to remember all of the Champions final. It was the icing on the cake.

"I have a great friendship with Lluis Llopis but we have always managed to keep that friendship separate from training. On the pitch he treats us all the same and if he has to correct me on something he will do. He's always eager to help us to improve and he's a great coach".
An idol in Costa Rica
"It's a privilege and I always try and give my best. I try and set a good example for all those children. They admire me and I have to make sure I fulfil my obligations to them. I hope they turn into great professionals in the future and that I've helped to contribute to that in some way". 

The new kit
"You have to feel good in what you work with and I feel great in that sense. The gloves are very comfortable and the boots are always designed to match. They're things us goalkeepers really like and they make me feel good".