Real Madrid - Chelsea

Casemiro: "We are getting better every day"

NEWS | 30/07/2016 | ALBERTO NAVARRO (COLUMBUS) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia/Antonio Villalba

"In this game we were fresher and calmer and worked well", he added.
Real Madrid beat Chelsea in their second pre-season game. Casemiro spoke about the win at the Michigan Stadium after the game: “We worked well, we keep improving. We were fresher and calmer in this game. We keep working towards the most important game which is yet to come”.
“We still need to work on the physical aspect, but we're doing well. We are getting better each day, but the most important day is the 9th. We are really working on the physical aspect. At the start it was hard because we ran a lot, but now we're better and have more of the ball. We have to keep working”.
The only defensive midfielder
“I am happy with the work Zidane is doing and I think he is too. All of the players can play as defensive midfielders, such as Toni, Modric… Real Madrid have great players, a terrific squad”.
“We he is not training we worry because he is real professional who always wants to train and play, but I'm sure he'll be in good shape for the 9th”.