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Zidane: “It's an honour to win the Champions League with this great club”

NEWS | 28/05/2016 | Javier García (Milán)

“I've got a phenomenal squad who have fought and worked incredibly hard”, added the coach.
The ninth European Cup, then la Décima and now la Undécima as a coach. Zidane began his managerial trophy haul in the best possible fashion. The Frenchman was unable to hide his joy in the press room at the San Siro: “I'm happy with everything that we've done together. It's by no means easy to win the Champions League. We've worked hard and fought for it and I'm very happy”.

“We went into the game in good shape. Towards the end we suffered physically. The players had cramps but that's normal. Mentally, there's a lot of pressure. You have to fight and we've got there by working hard. When you win something as big as the Champions League, it means a lot to the players, the coaching staff and the fans”.

A dream come true
“Yes, I've dreamed about this. I'm positive. The president has given me the opportunity to coach this great club. I've got a phenomenal squad who have fought and worked incredibly hard. Having players with this kind of talent, you can achieve something great”.

Club legend
“Di Stéfano is Di Stéfano and we all know what he's been for this club. I'm happy to have been part of this club for such a long time. I've won the Champions League as a player, as an assistant coach and now as head-coach. I'm proud to be involved with this great club. Ancelotti told me that winning the Champions League as the coach of this club is different, special”.


“Real Madrid has been, is and always will be a big club and to be part of this project makes me very proud. It is an honour having achieved all of this with Real Madrid”.

The opponents
“The game was decided on penalties but they could have won. Congratulations to Simeone, who is an incredible coach, and congratulations to his team. I am proud of what we have achieved. We suffered right up until the end, but I’m only thinking of the positives. You have to congratulate the two for the work they have done. We had a few clear chances to have scored the second goal”.

“He gave us the win. He was there as the last player and he wasn’t injured. He fought and ran a lot. He always thought positively for the team and helped his teammates. We have all done a great job”.

“We suffered quite a lot and you can see that from the way in which I’m talking. I have no energy left, I can barely speak. I want to enjoy this moment, what we have achieved”.

“I didn’t watch Atlético’s penalties against PSV. We had something in mind first and then afterwards we asked the players how they feel as well”.