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Fiesta de la Undécima

“Thanks a lot for believing in us”

NEWS | 29/05/2016

Zidane and the players thanked the fans for their support at a party in the Bernabéu.
The Real Madrid enjoyed the party to celebrate la Undécima in the Bernabéu and everyone spoke to the fans from the centre of the pitch. This is how Ramos expressed his joy: We have fought for the dream of winning this title and you are the most demanding fans in the world because we are the best club in the world and we must enjoy this trophy. As captain, it's an honour to wear the armband with so much responsibility and to lift the Champions League in my first year as captain is a dream come true".

"A few years ago nobody would have thought that we could have won the Champion League twice in three years, it has been very hard work. The sacrifice and effort finally has the reward after a difficult year". 

Zidane: “As Sergio said, it is an honour to belong to this club. I am lucky to have these players who have done phenomenally. Thanks for your support and as always, Hala Madrid!".

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Without your support we would not have been able to win this beautiful cup here. Thank you for believing in us. It’s a very big honour to wear this shirt. I'm very happy and I want to also sing: Así, así, así gana el Madrid!”.

Bale: “Thanks to everyone and Hala Madrid!”.

Pepe: “I thank God for allowing me to wear this shirt, my family for the support that they have always given me, and allowing me to help this club get as far as possible, and I thank you for supporting us always because together we are stronger". 

Modric: “Thanks to everyone for your support during the season. This trophy is yours too". 

Lucas: “Since I was young they taught me that Real Madrid was the biggest club in the world. For me it's an honour to defend this badge and win the Champions League. There are no limits to dreams, let’s keep dreaming".

Carvajal: “I've been in the Real Madrid academy since I was 10 years old, I have lived nights like this from the stands and I've cried a lot for this team when I was younger. To experience a night like this is marvelous. To celebrate these two Champions League is marvelous and hopefully we can continue to celebrate titles together". 

Varane: “We all know how difficult it is to win titles like this. We want to enjoy this night with you, always support us".

Kroos: “I don't speak much Spanish but I know the most important: Hala Madrid!":

Marcelo: “It's an honour to be here, completing almost 10 years. It's a lifetime. To share the changing room with all these huge players and this huge coach brings immense joy. It’s a special day, enjoy it and thanks to everyone who has come".

Modric: ““Thanks to everyone for your support during the season".

“It's incredible to bring this joy to the fans. The least we can do it to present the cup to them and to come here and see these amazing people is incredible. We didn't start well but the coach arrived and everything changed. We have improved a lot".

Keylor: “Today more than ever I thank god for me belonging to this club. It's a dream come true today, a dream I've had since a child and the reality is better than what I had imagined. Pure life and Hala Madrid". 

Isco: “Today is a special day and I would like to thank everyone for their support, our families who're always there for us and the club for showing me to never give in". 

James: “It's an honour and something unique to be in this club and learn from these players, who as well as being great footballers are excellent people".

Benzema: “Thanks for all your support. Hala Madrid!”.

Casemiro: “It's an honour to defend this club. When I arrived at Castilla I tried to be the best and to work hard to make it to Real Madrid. When I left to go to another club I wanted to return to win a lot of titles. Thanks to everyone". 

Arbeloa: “I don't know with whom this all began, but I do know who to thank. Thanks to all of you".

Danilo: “It's a very big honour to be at the best club in the world, with the best players in the world and this cup is for the best fans in the world". 

Jesé: “I’m very proud to belong to Real Madrid. I am luck to learn from each one of my teammates, not only from a footballing point of view, but also personally. We are a united family and I hope to win more titles like this with them”.

Nacho: “Like the other academy graduates, we've spend all our lives in this club and to live a nights like this is something special and spectacular. I'm lucky to have won the Champions League twice and to continue to fight to win many more. I would like to send a lot of strength to Castilla who have a very important game tomorrow to get promotion". 

Casilla: “I'm proud to return to belong to this club. It was the dream I had when I left. I was in the stand when we won la Novena with Zidane and now I'm here”.

Kovacic: “It's an honour to be here. Thanks to everyone. Hala Madrid!”.

Yáñez: “It's a big honour as an academy graduate to be here, to be part of this team and to learn from my teammates, above all from Keylor and Kiko. I want to thank my teammates, the technical team and the fans".