Rueda de prensa de Sergio Ramos

Ramos: “We want to win the Champions League again because it's what our fans deserve”

NEWS | 27/05/2016 | Javier García (Milán) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

“We're really motivated and we're going to put our hearts and souls into winning it”, added the captain.
Sergio Ramos appeared alongside Zidane and Marcelo at the press conference in the build up to the Champions League final. The Madrid captain discussed his feelings with just one day to go until the match: "We want to win again and keep picking up titles, the fans deserve to experience this joy. I wouldn't change anything that happened in Lisbon. Our fate was written and that's how it happened, but it's in the past. It's time to turn the page and we're about to play another final".

"I have beautiful memories but you can't stay in the past. We go into this with the same hunger, excitement and desire. The Décima gave us some ideas, but we're not stuck in the past. We've got our route marked out, our objective is clear. We're just one step away and we're going to put our hearts and souls into winning it”.

What Zidane demands
“We know what Zizou is asking of us and what we have to do but we're not going to reveal that here. We have to play with intensity, with a clear game plan and make as few mistakes as possible. Finals are decided by the smallest details. We have to defend and suffer as a team”.


“They will still feel bitterness after the final in Lisbon, but when you lose, you get up, you don't stay down on the floor. That's why they've kept competing and they've made it here again. I don't know if that will affect them, but we're only concerned about ourselves. There is pressure in these finals and we'll try and manage it the best we can".

“I've got my superstitions but there aren't many people who know them. You don't have to change anything that went well. I'm really motivated and hungry to grasp this opportunity and tomorrow's game”.

Words from Ancelotti
As Ancelotti, our ex-coach says, Atlético will punish you if you switch off for one second. Playing against them demands more concentration. You have to be completely aware. I wouldn't consider it a failure if we miss out on the title, but a missed opportunity. We've worked and suffered together to get this far and we want to make the most of this oppurtunity".

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