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Entrevista de bwin al jugador Casemiro

Casemiro: "Manchester City have to feel that the Bernabéu is strong"

NEWS | 02/05/2016

“Home advantage will help. We're counting on the fans and I'm sure they'll not let us down”, explained the Brazilian.
Only one game separates Real Madrid from another European Cup final. It will be played this Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabéu against Manchester City and Casemiro is aware that the support from the fans will help achieve qualification for the final in Milan. This is what he said on the Bwin website: "Home advantage will help. The fans have to support us, we're counting on them and I'm sure they'll not let us down. When they play with us they help us a lot. Manchester City have to feel that the Bernabéu is strong".

"If we start well and we play well our fans will be with us without a doubt, alongside us like the game against Wolfsburg. They supported us from the start. It is going to be a very difficult game but our fans are strong. That gives us a small advantage, although all semi-finals in the Champions League are difficult". 

The key
“When they were at home they came out very strongly. We had to withstand the first 20 minutes and after that we began to play. We played well there but we now have the second-leg. We have to do our homework, play like we always play in the Bernabéu and give our all".

It doesn't matter who scores, we have to win and be in the final. 

“We have to win and that’s it. It doesn't matter who scores. We have to score and win. We have to always play wanting to win. It doesn't matter if I score with the head, with the feet... What I want is to help Real Madrid get to the final". 

Manchester City
“We have to play with a lot of attention and strength. They've not only got Agüero, they've got big players with a lot of quality. We have to be switched on to all of them and focused on the game. Play the same as we did there, with attitude and character". 

Praise for Pepe
“We know that he is a great players. He's been here a long time, he's very experienced and one of the best centre backs in the world. We count on him because he is a player with a lot of character and a lot of energy out on the field".

La Liga and Champions League
“You have to think game by game. We've got the Champions League now and we have to be totally focused on that. We have to win what’s left and if the others slip up, we win. We have to do our job and then we'll see".