Entrevista Bale

Bale: "We've worked hard to get to the final and we hope to win it"

NEWS | 26/05/2016

"The key to the game will be to control your emotions and focus on the football", he explained in an interview with Audi.
Gareth Bale gave an interview with Audi in which he analysed the Champions League final, which sees Real Madrid take on Atlético Madrid in Milan: “it is great to be in another final and I think we've all worked very hard this season to get here. Now we are really excited to have the opportunity to lift another trophy and I hope that we can take advantage of this and win the game”.

“I don't know whether they are stronger now than in 2014 but we know that they are a good team and well organised. The final will be very difficult but we are going to prepare well and we want to play to win. The key is to contain your emotions. If you lose control you can hurt yourself and your team. You have to control your emotions and focus on the football”.

A huge moment personally
“I don't think it's a secret, it comes down to hard work and dedication in training. You have to dedicate many hours and work as hard as possible to prepare for the game”.

This season
“It has been a year of highs and lows but there are a lot of positives to be taken. We fight until the end and try to win every game”.

Will you score in the final?
“I hope so. Everyone wants to score in the Champions League final. it would be incredible but the most important thing is that the team wins and we lift the trophy”.