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Arbeloa: "Our mission is to win at Riazor"

NEWS | 12/05/2016

The Whites' defender appeared on the “La Tertulia” show on Realmadrid TV to look back over his career.
Álvaro Arbeloa appeared on the “La Tertulia” show on Realmadrid TV to discuss the team's current situation: “We've got to focus on Saturday's game, knowing that our mission is to win at Riazor, and then wait and see what happens in Granada with their match against Barcelona. We can't wait, the atmosphere couldn't be better and we're concentrated and excited about our two remaining games”.

“We've got nothing to lose. If we win La Liga it'll be an immense joy and if we lose it, I think we'll have to be happy with how we've finished the season, fighting until the end. Nobody expected us to be here at the end two months ago. It's like playing the lottery: if you win, it's wonderful and if not, bad luck. But the team has put in a tremendous effort”.

Always winning
“We all thought La Liga was a long way off and nobody would have expected Barça to drop so many points. Even so, our aim was always to win and improve, because we knew we were still in the Champions League. Our objective was to win every day and if Barcelona won La Liga in the end then we'd congratulate them”.

“We're used to people abandoning ship before it's over but that's no problem. Being able to win the title is something personal for us, to demonstrate to ourselves what we're worth, and it's also reward for a difficult year. It's been a turbulent year in many ways and to get this far is amazing and we hope we can put the icing on the cake with a trip to Cibeles”.

I think we're going into the Champions League final with improved morale.

“I think we're going into the Champions League final with improved morale because we're still fighting for La Liga. With the Décima two years ago it didn't happen like it has this season. We'd had a turbulent week, people had knocks, and now we go into it with everyone fit and stronger for the match in La Coruña. It's true that we are under less pressure and we're less anxious compared to the Décima. It's a positive thing for us to be playing another final against Atlético”.

“They're in an exceptional vein of form, full of confidence and could even feel like they're favourites. I understand that because since Lisbon they've won more clashes between us than we have. They may think they've worked us out, that's normal and we know it's very tough to score against them. It'll be a beautiful final, very hard, but we're hoping it'll play out the same as it did in Lisbon”.

“Javi García and I were meant to be playing the following day with the B team but I made my debut with the first team, I passed the ball to Zidane. It's one of my greatest memories, a brutal experience, with players like Figo, Ronaldo, Owen, Raúl,… Another of my greatest memories is a goal for Castilla against Zaragoza. The aim was for Castilla to be promoted after so many years and it was a great joy to achieve that with a group of players who ended up becoming internationals (Soldado, De la Red, Javi García,…).