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Wolfsburgo - Real Madrid

Ramos: "With the fans' support we can turn the result around"

NEWS | 06/04/2016 | Javier García (Wolfsburg)

“We've still got time to turn the tie around", stated Bale.
Sergio Ramos reflected on the Real Madrid game at the Wolfsburg Arena and expressed his hope ahead of the second leg: "It was not the ideal result and obviously the comeback starts now. We have to forget this bad result, believe in ourselves, in the fans and start to prepare the ideal situation for ourselves. I don't think it was down to an attitude problem. We have to overcome it and get a positive result".

"If we want to get to the semi-finals we have to start the comeback now. I have experienced fantastic times in the Bernabéu and we have the warmth and support of our fans to help us turn the result around. The reality is that we have to deal with a negative result, but I am confident about the 90 minutes we will play in the Bernabéu. We have to suffer as a team and be united to give it our best".

Appeal to the fans
"On Tuesday we have a precious opportunity to turn the tie around at the Bernabéu and get through to the next stage. Hearing the roar of the Bernabéu pushes us forward and we will need that on Tuesday. When that happens, not everyone can cope with it and we hope that the fans will get behind us. We apologise to our fans, we have come back disappointed but you have to turn the page and believe in the comeback because it's possible to overcome this result".

Referee's decisions
"Sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don't. You can draw many conclusions from the referee's decisions but you can't change anything. The footage is there to see but complaining doesn't solve anything, we have to turn the page and forget it".

Bale: "We've still got time to turn the tie around"
"We hoped to have won but sometimes in football these things happen. We know that it is not a good result and perhaps not a good performance either but we have time to turn the tie around".


“Yes it's frustrating but we have a game in which to turn it around. We have to reassure ourselves that in the Santiago Bernabéu we can win by three goals”.

The possible penalty that he had
“For me if it's outside the area it's a foul and if it's inside it's a penalty. All I'm saying is that I went for the ball and he crashed into me”.

Jesé: “We will breath life into the tie at home”
“They are strong at home and in football you can lose games. We tried and we still have the return leg in the Bernabéu. With the help of the fans we can stage a comeback. We are a great team and I am sure of what we are going to do. In the Bernabéu we will breath life into the tie, through the fans and through our own actions”.

Moment of form
“I don't think that the team are weak. The other day we played a great game at the Camp Nou and this is another different game. This pitch is tough to play on, they are a strong rival and they know how to play. You have to look at the errors and the negative aspects in order to improve on them. We can all give a lot more. We are professionals, we either lose or win and that is part of the game”.

The referee's performance
“Bale should have had a penalty but he didn't get it. Sometimes that goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. We need to be a team to come back from this”.