Luka Modric

Modric: "With the support of the fans we can turn it around"

NEWS | 11/04/2016 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“The team has to be compact and to do everything together”, added the centre midfielder. 
The message is clear, the team is confident about the comeback. That is what Luka Modric expressed during his appearance in front of the media: “The atmosphere in the dressing room is really good. We've got a very good team with a lot of talent. We're capable of turning it around tomorrow with the support of our fans, which is very important. I'm sure they are going to be behind us. It's the only thing that we're thinking about. It is going to be difficult, we've got a negative result against a good team but we're capable of turning it around. We have to show that on the field”.
“We start with the result against us but we need to play our game. We can't allow for mistakes so we have to be focused from the first minute”.
Message to the fans
“That they support us from the first minute, that they're at their best. That they are patient in the stands just as we will be on the field. From our side, we'll give everything to get a good result and after the game we'll have nothing to reproach. I think that everything will turn out good”.
The key
“To play together is the most important thing, when we attack and when we defend. We have to concentrate a lot, go in with a cool head and most importantly, play football. And we have to be patient from the start. We can't hope to resolve the game in 5 or 10minutes. We will have chances and hopefully it will turn out well in the end”.


“We're not thinking about penalties. We want to turn it around before penalties. But if it comes to that, we're prepared for penalties as well”.

Keylor Navas and Casemiro
“Keylor has been impressive since the start of the season. Having someone like him gives you a lot of confidence and hopefully he continues like this until the end and that if we need him tomorrow, he can help us. Casemiro is in good form at the moment and he has to continue like this. He is an example of how with work and dedication you can do big things. He contributes a lot to the team and I want it to say that way”.

His good level 
“I feel the responsibility and I've got no problem with it. I feel good. The important thing is not just one plyer, but the whole team. The team has to be compact and to do everything together. When this happens you see the Real that everyone wants to see. One player can't resolve anything alone”.

Good run
“We're on a good run at home and that gives us a lot of confidence for tomorrow. We are the team who has the most European Cups and that obliges us to give everything tomorrow. We want to be in the final, not only win tomorrow. It’s our idea and our obligation”.

The first-leg match 
“We have analysed it. We know that we didn't do well, that it was a bad game. We can't look back, we have to look forward and not make the same mistakes. I'm sure that tomorrow we are going to have a good game”.