Getafe - Real Madrid

Isco: “The team performed perfectly”

NEWS | 16/04/2016 | Javier García (Getafe) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“We've grown a lot in this final part of the season”, added Marcelo.
Isco analysed the madridistas' win on their visit to Getafe: “It was a dangerous match. After the comeback and the great game against Wolfsburg we could have relaxed, but we haven't done that. We went out fired up and got two goals in the first half and we're pleased with today's game”.

“The team performed perfectly, we're putting pressure on those above us in La Liga and we're going to compete until the end. We are Real Madrid and we cannot give up”.

Changes to the line-up
“It's important to have rotation within a team. The competitions are very long and it's important to keep everyone switched on heading into the end of the season, because it's difficult to win titles with only eleven players”.

Marcelo: “We'll keep this up until the end”
“We've grown a lot in this final part of the season and our objective was to close the gap at the top, and now we are very close. We try and perform at the top level in all the championships we're involved in. There are no easy games now, they are all finals and we'll keep this up until the end”.

Fight for La Liga
“People lose hope, but our fans have been with us so far and they always will be. We've been criticised, but we've continued working and fighting and now we're just one point away. Madrid has always had this strength and will to fight. Real Madrid always battle and we don't let our heads drop”.

Navas: “We're not going to let our heads drop, we have to win the remaining games”. 

“I don't like to talk about whether Barcelona or Atlético are the better side or if one of them is weak. They are both strong, we all know that. We feel good and we're getting better every game, that's our goal”.

“Thanks for asking, but I don't want to talk about that. I have no problem with anyone, I've said openly that if they call me up, I'll be more than happy to go, just as I always have since I was 15 years old, but I'm not getting involved in this issue”.

Champions League opponents
“There are no weak teams. If they've got to the semi-finals, it's for a reason, they are as strong as any of the other teams. There are only crunch matches, there are no easy games”.

Lucas: “It's reward for the work we are doing”
“This is reward for the work we are doing. The team is in good form. We have to keep this up and win games. We are on a great run, but I hope we can still improve. We've still got a chance in La Liga and in the Champions League and we're going to give everything to win both titles”.

“He's a leader, a spectacular player. He's the best in the world, he shows it day after day, and we're happy with his form. If you watch him, you learn all the time”.

European situation
“If Manchester City are an easy opponent, we may as well pack up and leave now. We have to take things slowly. They're a tough side, with good players, and if we perform well, we'll try and qualify and take advantage of the second game being at home in front of our fans”.

Navas: “We put in a focussed performance in order to win”
“It was a difficult game. Getafe are in a tricky position and they came out and gave it everything. We put in a focussed performance, we played the game with the respect that it deserved and we won. We were accurate with most of our plays. We’re always happy when things turn out well”.

La Liga
“We're not going to let our heads drop, we have to win the remaining games”. We mustn’t lose our faith. We are Real Madrid and we have to keep giving everything. We are fighting for titles and we will keep moving forward”.

Manchester City
“The team are doing positive things and we are happy to be in the semi finals. We will respect our opponents, they are a great team and that’s why they are here. We will try to win. With humility and hard work it is doable”.