Real Madrid - Roma

Zidane: “All of the players are giving their all”

NEWS | 09/03/2016 | Javier García

“I'm satisfied; we've got through the tie scoring four goals and conceding none”, he declared.
Zinedine Zidane was pleased to secure a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The coach had this to say of the victory over Roma: "I'm happy with how we played. We created chances in the second half and we were much better defensively. Now we have to rest and look to the next La Liga game. We'll have to wait to see who we play in the next round. Everyone dreams about success in the Champions League and we're here to try and make it happen. For now, we've got to concentrate on Sunday's game". 

"I'm happy with both matches. Looking at them, we have scored four goals and conceded none. I'm satisfied. We'll try and improve and give the opposition less chances to score. It's never easy because we had difficult games between the two legs, but we've played the tie that we wanted".

Affording the opposition chances
“The team looks strong. As I always say, over 90 minutes, the opposition will create chances. In the first half they had opportunities to score, which is normal in a Champions League game against a tough rival. They played very well tonight, but I'm happy".

"Whenever a team creates chances against you, you have to be angry, it's normal. We want to play and take risks, and sometimes these things can happen. In the second half, talking to the players, we were more composed in defence. We wanted to play when we had the ball, but when we lost it, we had to defend. When you leave spaces, that creates risks. The important thing was to keep the ball as much as we could".

Lucas Vázquez
“I see him as being ready to play, like they all are. It's difficult to leave people out. There are some players who get left out of the squad and others who end up sitting on the bench. The important thing is that they all give their all. Every time that he's asked to play, Lucas delivers and I'm happy with that".


"I thought that Cristiano played well, at the start of the game he was playing centrally but he's capable of playing in any position. Bale, James and he were constantly switching positions. They're all able to play in any of the roles. When we were defending, Cristiano needed to play more centrally. When a defender faces the same player throughout the whole game, they get a better understanding of what they're going to do. Today they all performed well, both in defence and in attack".

"I'm happy with how Gareth played out on the left, but he is also able to operate in different positions, he's also very comfortable on the right. The idea today was to put him on the left, with Cristiano playing more centrally. His crosses created danger. We'll see what the future brings. The three up top can play in any position".

La Liga
"Before the Champions League comes around we've got the La Liga games. We're a professional group and we need to think about Sunday's game. It's difficult because we're in a bit of a tricky situation. The players know that, above all, we've got to try and finish second. Our attentions now turn to Las Palmas and then to Sevilla".

"We knew that it was going to be a tough game. They played well and they gave us a difficult half hour. Then, in the second half we got the goals and we played a better".