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Zidane: “We're playing well and we're ready for the game”

NEWS | 12/03/2016 | Antonio M. Leal | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“The match against Las Palmas will be difficult and we'll put our best team out in order to win it”, he said.
Zinedine Zidane faced the media at the Real Madrid City on the eve of the match against Las Palmas (Sunday, 20:30 h): “We're playing well at the moment, but that means nothing. We need to start games well, we have prepared well all week and we're ready to compete tomorrow, we're going to try to do the best we can”.

“Everything is better after three victories, the training sessions, the atmosphere… Now we must concentrate on ourselves, on moving forward, because the remaining games are more and more difficult”.

The key in Las Palmas
“The important thing is to start the match well. We know it will be a difficult game, like always, because they are going to use their weapons to get at Real Madrid. We're going to prepare well and put out the best team to try and win the game”.

Nadal doping allegations
“It's upsetting because Nadal is a gentleman, a person who has always shown good values and who we all love. He's a professional and I know him a little so I am upset by what is being said. What we have to do now, and what Rafa must think, is that he can move on from this, and anyone who likes sport, likes Nadal whether they be French, American… he's a phenomenon”.

“We've talked about the issue with Karim and we knew we'd have to wait in order to fix it. It's a relief for him, there has been a lot of talk about it and it affected him. Hopefully it's resolved now and he can play with national team and help France in their European Championship campaign. He's looking good, he's training on his own, but he's training, and he's out on the pitch. We'll see this week what's going to happen”.

Everything is better after three victories, the training sessions, the atmosphere…

“Varane could well play more, or less, but I'm pleased with how he's working. He's young, despite the fact he's been here for a number of years, and he's learned very quickly. I think his future is with Real Madrid. There are lots of players in the same position, and obviously I have to choose, so he's not going to play all the time. But he seems happy, committed, and he is improving every day”.
Marcelo left out of the Brazil squad
“There was never any contact with anyone here regarding Marcelo. Physically he's fine, he's ready and he wants to play both here and for his country”.

“The idea is always to have as few injuries as possible, we've nearly got a full squad. Karim is missing, we need to get him back with the group, but the rest of us are ready”.

Reinforcements in goal
“I haven't thought about it. I don't know what's going to happen at the end of the season. I am very happy with the goalkeepers that I have here; with Keylor, with Kiko, who is training very well, he's a professional and it's a shame he gets so little game time, and with Rubén too. That's the most important thing for me”.

“He's playing and doing everything right at the moment. Tomorrow there will be changes to the team, it's normal. The team is playing well with him or without him and that shows that everyone is important”.

“I am very pleased with how he's doing and with his role in the team. When he's not playing he's been very committed in training and he's very professional. I believe Danilo can get better and I'm sure he's going to do so”.

Summer signings
“I don't know if I'll still be here or what is going to happen at the end of the season. There's always a lot of talk about players coming and going, it's normal, but I'm just focussed on the games”.