Acto de Bing

Microsoft presented the latest advances of Bing to predict results in the Champions League and La Liga

NEWS | 17/03/2016 | Antonio M. Leal | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

Toni Kroos, Jesé and Mateo Kovacic attended the event at the Santiago Bernabéu.
The royal box at the Santiago Bernabéu played host to a presentation on the latest advances of Bing, the Microsoft search engine. Thanks to such advances, users can make predictions on the biggest leagues in Europe and the Champions League, opening up new possibilities for enjoying the passion of football.

Several first team players were in attendance, including Jesé, Kroos and Mateo Kovacic, who answered questions on sports topics. Axel Steinman, international vice president of Sales for Bing Ads; Brian Kealy, International Marketing director of Bing and Carlos de la Puente, Head of marketing Bing in Europe, also took pat in the event.

The three footballers saw first hand how fans can access the most important information on any team in the biggest leagues in Europe, including the calendar, previous match data and predictions for upcoming games. Furthermore, the algorithms designed by Microsoft do not only apply to football events, they have already been tested out on the likes of Eurovision and the Oscars.

Jesé: “In the quarter finals all teams are tough”
“In the quarter finals of the Champions League, all teams are tough, we have to be focussed and we must all give our best. Playing in Las Palmas was a special moment and I'm happy with the welcome my fellow citizens there gave me, and happy that we picked up three points".

Kroos: “Bayern is a very real option in the Quarterfinals”
“I think Bayern is a very real option for us in the Quarterfinals. With regard to the difference between the Bundesliga and La Liga, in Germany they are a little more aggressive and here the teams try to play football a bit more, but the level is very high in both and there are certainly similarities”.

Kovacic: “I will always remember my debut for Real Madrid”
“Obviously my first goal in the Champions League was special, but the match I will always remember was my debut for Real Madrid”.