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Sergio Rodríguez: “We have played well to win and become champions”

NEWS | 21/02/2016 | Nacho Díaz (La Coruña) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“We're very happy, because of the work we have done to win this trophy that we really wanted ”, said Felipe Reyes.
After winning the third consecutive Copa del Rey, Sergio Rodríguez highlighted the hard work of the team: "We are happy for the work we have done in these six months. It has not been easy with the ups and downs of the season. We've been competing for a long time, we have a lot of experience and that is key. We have played well to win and become champions". 

"When you lose you know what it takes to get here. You have to be mentally strong, as we have been in this Copa del Rey. It's not easy to get to a final and to win it. We've done it and now we don’t want to drop our level. We're really happy with how everything is going". 

Reyes: “The cup will give us confidence for what's to come" 
“We're very happy, above all because of the work we have done, to win this trophy that we really wanted and for it being the first of the season. It's going to give us confidence for what's to come".

Pressure from the stand
“We are Real Madrid, we've always got pressure from the stands. The people don't see us as favorites and we know that in every final we have to go out to win it, because of that we put the pressure on ourselves".

Llull: "We can do big things".

“Gran Canaria is a team that were dignified finalists, they showed why they were here and right until the end they didn't allow us to enjoy the victory". 

Llull: “We have to celebrate it”
“This team likes this type of moment, when titles are decided. When we all play together we can do big things. I have won the third consecutive cup, we are very happy and we have to celebrate it".

Ups and downs
“We've had an irregular season, with a lot of injuries that have impeded our rhythm. We've had a lot of ups and downs but bit by bit we're getting people back in. Rudy isn’t far away from returning and now the important stuff begins. This is when you have to be at your best". 

Euroleague and Liga
“They are the two objective. Step by step and game by game, the Top 16 is very equal. Today we are going to celebrate this, tomorrow we will rest and then start to prepare the next game". 

Nocioni: “A happy end but it has been difficult"
“We've had a happy end, but is has been difficult. Gran Canaria have been an incredible opponent, very difficult to beat. I'm very happy to win this because we didn't come in to this as favorites. We are an ambitious team and on Thursday we will be preparing for another battle".


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