Roma - Real Madrid

Ramos: "We've taken a big step towards getting through the tie"

NEWS | 17/02/2016 | Alberto Navarro (Roma)

"Roma are dangerous and we did well to keep a clean sheet", explained Varane.
Sergio Ramos expressed his satisfaction at Real Madrid's display in Rome: "You've got to look at the great job that we did as a team. Right from the go we went out to get a good result, we tried to dictate proceedings and dominate possession. We managed to do that, and in front of goal we were pretty potent. We've taken a big step towards getting through the tie".

"At the end of the game we were dominating in their half, and on occasions, when we lost possesion, they broke quickly and dangerously. At half time Zidane spoke about keeping the ball and making sure of our passes so as to reach their box without panicking".

Strikes from Ronaldo and Jesé
"It was a great time to take the lead. Jesé's goal is also a good sign: all of the players who come off the bench are keen to go out and show what they can do. This is a very important stage of a competition that we enjoy a lot".

The celebrations with Zidane
"Everyone is entitled to make of that what they will. We've got to carry on in this vein and celebrating as a team is the best way to go about achieving success. The key is to be united, and to be able to resilient when we have to dig in to get a result".

Keylor Navas: "We put in a good, high-intensity performance”.

"Right from the very first day that Zidane came in, everyone has been happy with him. Regardless of what he did as a player, he is an excellent coach and we're all happy".

Navas: “We kept our concentration so as not to make any mistakes
"The team got better as the game wore on, we got the goals and that's given us an important victory, which helps us on our way.During the tricky spells, we made sure that we kept our concentration so as not to make any mistakes".

The opposition's game plan
"They sat back in the hope that we would leave gaps in behind for them to break on the counter. They've got some very quick players, and we were aware of that. We tried not to give up possession cheaply so as not to give them chances. Whenever they did break away, we got back well and got ourselves organised defensively. We put in a good, high-intensity performance".

Far from over 
"We're relaxed and really driven. We've got to continue on in this vein. As a group we've got to be united, and out on the pitch we're proving that we are. We'll prepare for the next game against them with the same application and calm approach to try to win the game. We cannot go thinking that the tie is over because there are still another 90 minutes to play. Roma are a great team and they can make things tough for us".

Cristiano Ronaldo
"Having the best player in the world on your team is always important. Today he helped us by getting the opener, which gave us a lot of confidence".

Varane: “The team put in a great display”
"I wanted to put in a solid display. Alongside Ramos it was a very good performance to keep a team like Roma at bay. Roma are dangerous and we did well to keep a clean sheet".

"It was a display of a side that's very close and is really driven. We'll enjoy the win and from tomorrow we'll then start thinking about the Málaga game".