Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid

Ramos: “We all try to help and there are times when things don't work out"

NEWS | 27/02/2016 | Bárbara Jiménez

"We are players at the best side in the world and we have to show that out on the pitch", stated Keylor. 
Sergio Ramos had the following analysis of the Atlético game to offer: “This is definitely a difficult moment due to the situation. La Liga is practically out of our reach and people want to see us win. When results and targets are not achieved, people react in that way".

"At the end of the day, everyone tries to perform at their maximum level and as captain I feel proud of every single teammate. We all try to help in the best way possible and sometimes things to do not turn out well. The idea is to be united. The season is still wide open, we have the Champions League ahead of us and La Liga is still not over".

Being united
“If anyone knows Cristiano it is me. He is the first one to really pitch in when he has to. Above the self-criticisms we all make, we all think about the group and of being united if we want to attain success".

“I insist that everyone will have a different opinion. I have always put a lot of emphasis on the work of the academy players, or on those that play less minutes, but really show a lot of character when they do. As I captain I would emphasise the pride I feel when I see young guys working and when they go out to try and make the most of their minutes, people like Lucas, Jesé and Mayoral".

The fans
“The only way of convincing people is by doing the talking out on the pitch. People want explanations but in these situations often too much is said and it is necessary to talk out on the pitch. We have to be united, starting with the manager and ending with the players".

Ramos: “The season is still wide open, we have the Champions League and La Liga is still not over".

"La Liga is very difficult, practically impossible, but there are a lot of games left and we have to keep going and remember the badge we wear, keep up a good image and stay fit in order to go into the Champions League in the best form possible".

"If this badge and this institution stand for something, it is values, pride, heart and in that regard, this is when we must be the most united and believe that something can still be achieved. My DNA is to do as well as possible and my teammates think like me. Nobody goes out on the pitch aiming to do badly and we all like to win because that is when people are happiest".

Navas: “We have to live for this shirt and show character"
“We have to get back up again because there are a lot of games left. When Zidane arrived everyone experience a different atmosphere. I think that we are doing things well, the side is not playing badly, and we aim to control games. We are all aware that La Liga is difficult, but we are Real Madrid and we have to keep going until the end".

"The teammates that have been playing have more matchday intensity, although all the players are excellent".

“We have to really feel this shirt and be proud. In life there are difficult moments where we have to go out and show character. The club's name alone does not win you games and you have to battle for them. We are players at the best side in the world and have to show that out on the pitch".