Málaga - Real Madrid

Marcelo: “La Liga is complicated but we have to keep fighting"

NEWS | 21/02/2016 | Javier García (Málaga) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

"We had chances to kill the game but we were unable to convert them", said Ramos. 
Marcelo, who started the game in La Rosaleda, looked back at the game against Malaga: "They are a big team and we knew that it was going to be difficult. We never give up, even though there is a lot of difference, we will fight until the end. La Liga is always complicated and today it has become even more so. We have to keep going and fighting".
We had the game under control but we've made a few mistakes. We have to look at what we did wrong so we don't make the same mistakes". 

Difficult game
“We have drawn. We wanted to win so it tastes like a defeat, but we're going to fight on. Games away from home are always difficult because the opposition always raise their game against Real Madrid. We are now going to look towards the next game, which will also be difficult". 

Ramos: “La Liga is now a bit more difficult”
“It's clear that not picking up three from three was going to be a negative, especially due to how La Liga is and because we had got in front. It's a shame. La Liga is now a bit more difficult. We have taken a step back but it won’t stop us fighting for the title until the end".

Keylor Navas: "Málaga have done a serious job and it wasn't easy".

“In the first half we weren't at our best but we got ourselves ahead and in the second half when we were dominating, they leveled the score. We always try to play the best way possible and sometimes it doesn't work out. We had chances to kill the game but we were unable to convert them and in the end, any mistake costs the 3 points".

La Liga and Champions League
“We came in to this having trained well in the week and with the intention of getting three points but it wasn't to be. We have to forget about this game and think about the next one. Every game and each competition require the maximum and we are going to fight for La Liga and the Champions League". 

Navas: “We're not thinking about giving up”
“We wanted to win and we had the mentality of playing a good game. We fought hard, but they played well and were able to pull level. We have gone out and looked to attack and win the game but we switched off a bit in defence and lost our markers. These things happen, it's football, you have to pick yourself up".

Fight to the end
“We're not thinking about giving up. La Liga is complicated but we're going to fight to the end to get all the points available to us. Real Madrid are not characterised as a team that gives up and we're going to fight on". 

Away from home
“When we're the visitors, the other teams are really motivated and do a good job. Today, Malaga have done a serious job and it wasn't easy. This is a team game and it doesn’t go down to who is better or worse. We have all dropped two points. We try to do our job the best we can, sometimes the games come off perfectly but this one hasn't been that way".