Real Madrid - Sporting de Gijón

Zidane: “The first half was spectacular”

NEWS | 17/01/2016 | Javier García

“Scoring five goals twice is not easy; it's a fantastic start”, added the coach.  
The second game for Zidane as manager of Real Madrid and the second victory for the team. The coach analysed his team’s performance against Sporting: "We played very well in the first half. We were really switched on and concentrating from the off. We prepared well and we're happy with how the game went. The first half was spectacular". 

"We played against Sporting, we'll see what happens against other teams. The first half was fantastic and if we can keep this up it will be difficult for the opponents, but we always respect the other teams".

Perfect start
“When I took over this team I knew what I had. It's a fantastic start. Scoring five goals twice is not easy. I know what we can do and what we are going to do in the future. We are only at the beginning, I have high hopes for this team. We want to win games and a trophy at the end of the season". 

Benzema and Bale's problems
“Karim's is just a knock, thankfully. Gareth's injury is a bit more complicated, it's in the soleus, and in the left one too. It's another problem but we'll wait and see what the scans say tomorrow, I hope it's nothing serious".

BBC's goals
“It shows that they're playing well. I'm very happy with the work of all three of them, not only with the ball. They've worked a lot in defence for the team and that's the most important for me. Offensively we're always going to cause the opposition problems with the ball, but defensively the work of the whole team has been impressive".

I'm very happy with the work of all three forwards, not only with the ball.

“When we don’t have the ball it's our turn to defend. We play 11 against 11. What the front three are doing is really good. The important thing is to maintain this level of concentration and improve on what we have done through hard work. They are convinced that if we defend and we run together it will be easier for everyone. We're going to have some difficult games as the season goes on". 

Room for improvement 
“You can always improve, but the first half was spectacular today in everything: our play, our work in defence...Physically we have to improve a lot and we're going to work hard to be better. We've only been together two weeks. We want to win games, but above all win them at the end of the season which is when titles are decided".

“The more goals he scores, the better for us. On top of that he links up well with the rest of the team, and that's not easy.  I don't think he's thinking about anything else when he's out there on the field. We're not going to lose him, nor do we want to move him on". 

Isco and James
“We're all in the same boat. At the moment Isco is playing and James coming on. In the next game maybe it'll be different. It's difficult for me to pick a team because I've got 25 very good player who train very well".

The day before the game it's difficult for me to pick my team, but it's my responsibility and I have to make those decisions. Everyone wants to play and I understand that. The most important thing is the group. What we want from James is what he's doing every week, working hard to be ready for the games. The same as the rest".