Real Madrid - Espanyol

Ronaldo: “The team is playing well and the goals are coming naturally"

NEWS | 31/01/2016 | Barbara Jiménez

“Real Madrid never surrender and we have to really go for it in La Liga", said Jesé.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored three of Real Madrid's six goals against Espanyol and explained his feelings as follows after the match: "The side is working very well. Zidane has done a phenomenal job over the last few weeks. The players feel better and fitter, that is why we are seeing the results out on the pitch. We won, we did so with a big margin and we played really well".

"I am very happy, I got another hat trick but the most important thing is that the team kept up its run, at a good time, playing well and the goals are coming naturally. There are no easy opponents. Things become easier when you play well and with lots of intensity".

“I needed it and so did the team. It is a positive message, we needed it because the preseason was not very good, with a lot of travelling. Zidane has come with a different idea and work regime and the players feel better and we have to keep going like that".

The second halves
“I think that it is relaxation. When you are winning by a large margin, that is normal. The side is feeling good, we saw that in the second half against Betis, which was very intense, when we need to we really switch on and run more. Today we were winning 4-0, we were relaxed, we lowered our intensity level but we scored two more goals".

Varane: "When we play well, the Bernabéu is happy, so we are going to keep making the fans happy".

"We have to keep going and not think about Barcelona or Atlético. They are doing well, but we need to work and keep going like this because there is a lot of La Liga left".

Jesé: “Real Madrid never surrender”
“This is the way we have to keep going and we have to focus in every game, be enthusiastic, in order to make the fans happy. We are Real Madrid, we never surrender, and we want to really go for it in the league".

“I have always had a close relationship with him. I am grateful for the trust that he is showing in me. I feel really good and we need to keep working. You can see that he is really close to players as a manager, giving affection to everyone, and he tells us both the good and the bad. He conveys a lot of motivation and joy to us. We have a taken a step up with him in terms of fitness and we are noticing it".

Varane: “We did really well in the first half"
“We played together and really tried to put pressure on in their half. We did that really well, especially in the first half, when we had to pressure up front. The team is doing well and we understand the manager's ideas".

Attacking football
“We are playing football the way we like to, attacking football. We are definitely going to fight until the end. We are doing well with the manager's philosophy and have the idea of pressuring in attack. We all do it and that upsets the opponent. There have been three weeks with resistance work and we can now see that we are doing better. When we play well the Bernabéu is happy, so we are going to keep giving the fans that joy. We cannot drop more points".