Real Madrid - Sporting de Gijón

Ronaldo: “We had a great first half and keep moving in the right direction"

NEWS | 17/01/2016

“We are clear about what the manager asks of us, which is to play and have possession in the opponent's half", explained Marcelo.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace against Sporting and made the following assessment of the Whites' win: "We are improving. We had a strong week of work and you can see the results on the pitch. We had a great first half, scoring five goals, and we continue to move in the right direction".

"We have to carry on like that. We still have all of the second half of the season ahead but we are doing well. We are doing increasingly well up front and that is how we want to reach the end of the season, in La Liga as well as in the Champions League. We are happy with how things are going".

Change of manager
"The decision to change manager is made by the president. It is our role to play and do our best, regardless of the manager. We just need to work and be prepared. The side is enthusiastic about Zidane. He has different ideas, he sees football in a different way than Benítez and we have to keep working hard to try and win all of the remaining games".

The fans
“I think that the fans are happy at the moment. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. That has always been the case. They enjoy the goals and do so less when we don't play well and don't do things well, just like any fans".

“The kick on Nacho Cases was instinctive, it was not on purpose and that is how the referee saw it".

Marcelo: “We worked well"
“The result is clear and resounding but we worked a lot. Sporting are a difficult side, they know how to play and we worked well. In our head we are clear about what the manager requests of us, which is playing and having possession in the opponent's half. We managed to do that and to try and recover the ball as quickly as possible".

Isco: “We played with a lot of intensity in the first half and that was reflected on the scoreboard".

“Players are always happy when they win and things turn out well. We are happy and the aim is to improve with every training session and every game in order to win something important this season".

Niggles for Bale and Benzema
“Players that come off are liable to have injuries and I hope that it is nothing for either of them. We are training really well and we know where we need to improve".

Isco: “The first half was outstanding"
“I think that the first half was outstanding. We played with a lot of intensity and that was reflected on the scoreboard. Perhaps we let ourselves get carried away in the second half and that is something that we need to improve on, maintaining intensity for 90 minutes. However, we had a great game".

Run of form
“I am happy with the last two games and the team's result. We are a competitive side and today it was my turn and another day it will be the turn of a teammate. We have to make the most of chances. We always try to do as well as possible, regardless of who is here. However, now perhaps we understand a little bit better what Zidane is asking of us and you can see that on the pitch".

Jesé: “We have to keep moving in the same direction"
“The team is doing really well. The dressing room is very united and we have to keep moving in that direction. That isn't to say that we weren't before but the arrival of Zidane is a bonus and we have to stay on the same path. We are professionals, we go through good and bad moments and we must be united".

Change of manager
"We did not act behind Benítez' back. I wish him all the best. Every manager is different, they have their own philosophy, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn't. It didn't with Benítez and now the team is doing better. I don't like to draw comparisons. Zidane is closer to the players, he knows the players better because he was one, he is a great manager and is going to show that with us. My relationship with Zizou has been good for the last two years, when he was assistant manager".