Real Madrid - Espanyol

Ramos: “The team were up for it right from the off"

NEWS | 31/01/2016 | Barbara Jiménez

“The game went perfectly for us", explained Carvajal.
Sergio Ramos was a starter against Espanyol and at the final whistle he spoke to the press to analyse the game: "The team came out really pumped up from the first minute, applying pressure quite high up the pitch, regaining possession in their half, and this made it very difficult for the opposition. We enjoyed good possession and in front of goal we were very clinical. The way we performed during the first fifteen minutes made the rest of the game very comfortable".

"Each coach has his own footballing philosophy, and as players we try to adapt to that as best as we can. Of course Zidane puts a bit more emphasis on applying pressure high up, this is very important for us".

Physical work
"Since Zidane has come in, there has been a change in this regard. These three weeks with him have been tough, but they'll serve us well for what's in store during the rest of the season, as the intense part of the season approaches".

His fitness
"I feel very good, I was really champing at the bit to return and to feel relaxed that I'd put the niggles behind me. Today I felt quite good".

La Liga
"We would like not to be in the situation we found ourselves in, but such is football. We have to fight for the La Liga title, and we're going to try and pick up as many points as we can to try to cut the leader's advantage, and also try to claw back some points on Atlético and put them under pressure".

Ramos: "We enjoyed good possession, and in front of goal we were very clinical".

"This is typical of football though, it teaches you that sometimes when you play well, you don't win, and at others, when you don't play as well, you end up getting the result. We need to continue to be optimistic and to retain the ambition to keep on winning games and try to make up some of the ground on the teams above us as quickly as possible".

Change of coach
"Under Zizou everyone is much happier, I don't know whether it's because of the relationship that he already had with the players from the time he worked under Ancelotti or whether it is because of the respect that we have for him. For us he's represents an example to follow, he was a legendary figure at this club. When he gives you advice, he does it differently to any other coach, but all of the coaches who have been here have always received the utmost respect".

The dressing room
"At Real Madrid there are always news stories which come out of nowhere. We all have clear consciences. Throughout my career, I've never done anything to get a coach out of a club, and I've never seen any teammate do anything like that. Our dressing room is totally different to how it is painted, I can vouch for that".

Carvajal: “The early goals made things comfortable for us"
"We made a strong start and the first fifteen minutes, in which we got more than two goals made the game comfortable for us. Our idea was to make things difficult for the opposition and try to score goals, and we knew that if we started the game with high-intensity, we would make things very difficult for the opposition. From the very start we dominated proceedings and the game went perfectly for us". 

Pumped up
"We always go out to score as many goals as we can, regardless of the opposition. We're really looking forward to taking on the teams against whom we dropped points in the first half of the season, and with Zidane in charge, we go into these games, which might be seen as the more difficult ones, with confidence. We've only conceded two goals in four games, and this is importance for us: to be scoring a lot of goals and conceding few".

Physical fitness
"It wasn't an ideal pre-season, we did a lot of travelling and had few training sessions, and this takes its toll physically. I think that now we're in great shape, and between now and two weeks' time, we're going to be at our best to go into the rest of the season firing on all cylinders".

Being left on the bench in Seville
"We've got a big squad, and the coach decided to play Danilo in Seville. We're all here to help out and give the coach some difficult decisions to make".