Real Madrid - Malmö

Casemiro: “We had a perfect game"

NEWS | 08/12/2015

“We are very happy with the result and of course the fans enjoyed it", said Arbeloa.
Casemiro participated in the thrashing against Malmö and explained his feelings to the media: "It was an incredible game, pressuring from the beginning and wanting to push up. We always have to do that at home. Real Madrid always has to play like that. Congratulations to the entire team because we had a perfect game".

"Real Madrid will always be criticised and a lot will be said because it is the best side in the world and demands top performances from everyone. We kept fighting and the fans deserved to see us having a great game".

“We are behind the manager and we showed that on the pitch. We carry on together because he trust in him. Cheryshvev is not having a bad time and the celebration is because we are fond of him. The squad back him and the manager. Real Madrid continue onwards together because we will be stronger united".

Next game
“We do not have to think about the Copa del Rey, that is the concern of others. We won well today and there is a really difficult game at the weekend".

Arbeloa: “Of course the fans enjoyed it”
“We maintained the intensity that we were perhaps lacking the other day and we have to be happy with our work. This is a really serious Real Madrid side and we wanted to play a complete 90 minutes. We are really happy with the result and of course the fans enjoyed it. With these results the team is going to improve and the fans will definitely help us to win titles".

Casemiro: "The fans deserved this game".

“What people want is for the team to win, to score goals and show intensity. That is what the Bernabéu wants, for there to be commitment and effort and that is what they saw. We also have players with a lot of quality, and if you combine that with commitment and effort then the goals will definitely arrive".

“We knows that we trust in him because we have known him for a long time. He has an enormous heart and we will put our hand in the fire for him. He has to be calm and keep playing like he has done up until now. Not only with the three goals today but also with the great season that he has had".

“It has been very unfair on Denis. We are a team and bad situations are where we need to be most united. We all want the same thing and we have to defend this badge, among the players, the fans and the club".

Copa del Rey
“We went out there to do our work, which was to win the game. Real Madrid are in the right, for many of the reasons that the president gave and we hope that Real Madrid will stay in the Copa del Rey and play the return leg".