Rueda de prensa de Rafa Benítez

Benítez: “I am focused on getting the team to play well and win titles"

NEWS | 29/12/2015 | Alberto Navarro

"What is clear is that there is a campaign against Florentino Pérez, against Real Madrid and against the manager", added the Real Madrid coach.
Rafa Benítez spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City a day before the game against Real Sociedad. The manager analysed the last fixture of the year: "I have thought about nothing else other than what I need to do to beat Real Sociedad and win titles. We have to start the game well, scoring, playing with intensity and joy. From there onwards things will be easier and if that is not the case then we will have to show character and be aware that games last 90 minutes. We face a side that have speed in attack and we need to take the leading role".

"I was clear the other day. We are the ones that have to motivate the fans and there is little more to it. I already said it the other day, referring to La Décima song lyrics "Hala Madrid and nothing else". We have to work and win games. The fans are going to help us".

Injured players
“They are all nearly recovered. We are close to getting them all back and that is positive because competition among them is good for everyone. We all have to put more effort in, and I will be first to do so, assessments can be made at the end".

Campaign against Real Madrid
“What is clear is that there is a campaign against Florentino, against Real Madrid and against the manager. Everything that is open to criticism is criticised and that which is not is manipulated. I have spent a lot of time outside of Spain and the trajectory is being questioned. Surveys are carried out continuously and the media's interest in doing them is part of their interest in manipulating things".

"The campaign is clear and I have to take my decisions and the interpretations made by each individual depend on their interest in causing damage. The interests of Real Madrid are different to those of many media outlets. The team does some things very well and others not so well. They have to focus on winning tomorrow. My interest concerns the team doing well and the fans enjoying themselves".

I can guarantee that the relationship with the squad is infinitely better than what is seen on television.

“If you want to achieve something in La Liga you need to have stability, calmness and not be anxious. I want to do the things that I need to do and the side has intensity and is quite a lot better than what people think. The day to day work has to be reflected in the games and we want that to happen as much as possible. I don't want to waste my energy on hearsay".

His holidays
“I spent them with my family. Relaxed and at home. I enjoyed the little time I had with my family. The English press do not exaggerate as much as in Spain. It seems like any coaching decision is a personal decision. I have been around for a long time. I already have experience and it is necessary to avoid distraction as much as possible. Each week 13 players are left out of the starting XI and it appears that these are personal decisions and there is speculation. It has been like that from the start and there is clear manipulation of information. My responsibility is to take decisions that must be taken in order for the team to win and play well".

Relationship with the president
“I have frequent conversations with José Ángel Sánchez and the president. He was here today and the relationship is normal and fluid. We have to win and play well".

Experience in the dugout
“I knew that I was coming to such a big club where everything is magnified. I have been in charge of almost 1400 games, I know this world and what it is about. When things are not going as well as hoped, solutions involve concentrating on work, winning the next game and laying the foundations to go and win lots more".

Decision by the Administrative Court of Sport
“The club issued an official announcement and I have nothing more to say about that matter".