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Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano

Bale: “We are going to work hard to win titles"

NEWS | 20/12/2015

“The most important thing is that we made a comeback", said Danilo.
Gareth Bale was one of the stars in the thrashing of Rayo with four goals and he spoke to the media following the match: "I hope to keep improving in 2016. I think that we had a good game today even if they were left with nine men. We are going to work hard to win titles. The relationship between the players and the manger is very good".

"We have to put more work into every aspect of our game and fortunately we have time to improve. In the second half against Villarreal we could have scored four or five goals but we lacked accuracy. These things happen in football, we are not robots".

Danilo: "We are happy with the result and the goals"
“We are happy with the result and the goals. I don't think we went out there switched off. The most important thing is that we're continuing our work, doing so as a team and that we turned the game around".

"The fans are right, we are working for them, and we continue to work for Benítez too, he is a great manager. Our sights are still set on La Liga. We have to keep working and not think about what others are saying. We have to take things game by game, that is the most important thing".

Navas: “We have to be united"
“We did well in the first few minutes, and made attacks in their box, we played well. After scoring we need to be more attentive, not relax, and keep playing with the same intensity. They made the most of their chances and then we took control and won by a large margin".

Support for Yoel
“As a goalkeeper you never want opponents to score against you. This is a test that he has come up against along the way. He is in good form, he is having a good year and you have to move on and keep going".

Lucas Vázquez: “When we have so much space in the opponent's half we are lethal".

"It is normal to have whistling because we are not in the top spot, which is where we want to be, and what the fans demand from us. We are behind the manager and everyone that is a part of Real Madrid. We have to be united if we want to reach the end of the season with chances. We should not blame anyone. We are the ones playing and often we are responsible for the results".

Lucas Vázquez: “The three points are very well-deserved"
“The game began a little crazily, and after the first sending off, we were more comfortable. We made the most of the rival's opponents and in the end the three points are very well-deserved. Finishing like that before this little break gives us a lot of confidence. So many goals in a game allow us to go home very happy". 

“It is really positive for us when the three players are doing well. It is a bonus and we really notice it. It is evident that when we have so much space in the opponent's half we are lethal and we saw that today".

Next game
“We have to make the most of the next few days to relax a little and then come back more switched on than ever for the game against Real Sociedad".