Real Madrid - Barcelona

Marcelo: "We have to apologise to the fans and keep on fighting”

NEWS | 21/11/2015

"Now we have to show character. We're Real Madrid and we can't give in", said Modric.
Marcelo was a starter against Barcelona and analysed the first Clásico of the season: "Of course the result hurts a lot, because we're at home. We gave it a real go but unfortunately we weren't able to put in a good match. We have to put this behind us, take the things we did wrong and learn from them. We have to face up to it and apologise to the fans. We're going to keep on fighting".

"It was a difficult match where we didn't manage to play the game that we wanted to play. We tried to keep a hold of possession. Their play is always based on possession and we wanted to win the ball back, but it's difficult. When you chase after the ball you get very tired. We tried to come out and play an attacking game, but it wasn't possible. Looking at the players' faces during the game, there wasn't an issue with our attitude".

"The fans are entitled to complain when things don't go well for their team. We tried to do what we could to win the game. There are no excuses, we have to fight hard and stand up and be counted. Of course the team are hurting, but we have to move on from it quickly and put Madrid where they belong. You have to get over these things".

Marcelo: "We tried to come out and play an attacking game, but it wasn't possible."

"This is a bad night for us, it hurts, but we're fighting hard for this crest. We're always completely behind the coach. We're going to get ourselves out of this situation. We're not going to lose our heads, we're going to train hard and look at where we went wrong".

Modric: "We gave Barcelona a lot of space"
"It's a difficult moment for us. We didn't expect to lose and play so badly. We have to learn from our mistakes. We don't think that it is an attitude problem, but we don't know the reason. We didn't play as a team, and if you're not compact against Barcelona, then this happens".

"They're a very good team when they have space to play in, and that was the problem. We weren't compact out on the pitch and we gave the other team a lot of space. We have to play as a team, because when we do that and we all fight hard, we're a really good side. It's not the first time that this has happened to us and we have to improve. It's a difficult moment and we have to pick ourselves up and try to improve".

Reaction from the stands
"The fans aren't happy and that's normal. They're entitled to back the team or criticise the team. Today we deserved the criticism. But we have to pick ourselves up and learn from this. Now we have to show character. We're Real Madrid and we can't give in or drop any more points. We have to get ourselves out of this situation".