Real Madrid - Málaga

Benítez: “We created chances to score and take all three points"

NEWS | 26/09/2015

“When a team sit back, like they did in the second half, it is not as easy to find space", he added.
Rafa Benítez spoke in the Bernabéu's press room, where he assessed his team's performance against Málaga: “These things happen in football. You dominate large parts of the game, you create loads of chances, but you can't hit the target and you end up with a goalless draw. The players carved out chances to score and take all three points. When a team sit back and defend, as happened in the second half, it becomes more difficult for you to find space, but even so we had a lot of clear goalscoring opportunities”.

"There were some nerves towards the end but for large parts of the game we attacked on both flanks, played one-twos inside and from those positions you have to swing in crosses, but we did create chances. Perhaps during the last five minutes, when we needed to keep our cool and continue playing and moving the ball around calmly, it wasn't easy. With that in mind, I must reiterate that we are still at the beginning of the season". 

Isco's disallowed goal
“I didn't see if it crossed the line or not. There were two or three situations you could talk about. I won't say anything. A goal-line official for these kinds of scenarios and the goal-line technology used in other sports would always be helpful”.

“He suffered from bad cramp, that's all there was to it. For the moment that's what we think the issue was".

He only made once change
"The team dominated, looked to play out wider and close down spaces for fullbacks and putting more people on when there were already quality players was not needed, nor was there much room. We could have added energy, but it was not a matter of energy, but rather of precision. The players on the pitch had enough quality but the goalkeeper had agreat game".

We have to keep working, create chances and be more accurate.

“Creating so many chances seems positive to me but preventing opponents from attacking is something that we need to correct and managing that anxiety is something else that we need to keep improving on. When the rival's keeper is the best player it means that you have done your job, attacked, and created so many chances that he has had to get involved a lot".

Draws in Gijón and today
“I do not like it but if we are talking about the two games, we had chances and shots. In such situations, the only thing to do is try and create more. It is also important to manage the last few minutes better so that you can have one or two chances that completely change the game and the result".

“Fans want to see the team win, but they also want to see them create chances and battle. Today we did that. We need to keep working, create chances and be more accurate".

“We are talking about the fact that the big teams have to play two games per week and maintain a very high intensity and that is not always easy. Today, the game was about having possession and we put out a quality team to do that. In terms of fitness the team looked good and it was not easy".

“I think that the numbers, 31 shots of goal, and the chances, should be enough to get a goal at least, if not more. Creating clearer chances against a side that really sit back is not easy. We made a three man midfield and we put out a more attacking team".