Real Madrid - Real Betis

Benítez: “I'm delighted with the team's performance”

NEWS | 29/08/2015 | Javier García

“The biggest positives from the game can be summed up from the first five minutes: instensity, aggression, ambition and cutting edge”, he added.
Satisfied with the win against Real Betis in what was the first competitive fixture in the Santiago Bernabéu, Rafa Benítez offered his thoughts on the game in the press room: “I'm delighted with the team's performance. There's always room for improvement, but I said the team would score and they proved me right".

"I liked the performances from Bale, James, Cristiano, who had the highest number of shots, Keylor... We can take a lot of positives from this and there are a few things we can correct. This result is testament to the players' hard work and good attitude”.

“The biggest positives from the game could be summed up from the first five minutes: intensity, aggression, attacking ambition, cutting edge.... The negatives were the two lapses of concentration that resulted in a chance for them and a penalty. But the positives far outweigh the negatives”.

Bale and Navas
“When they play that well I don't need to say much. It makes me very happy when they do well. I like to see Keylor doing so well, although I'd prefer he had nothing to do because that would be a good sign. I prefer that it be the front players who are most involved”.

His objective
"More than it being what I'm looking for, it's about the players' characteristics. I'm looking for balance when we're defending and more freedom in attack. There were spells when we had 80% of the possession. We have to continue on that track by playing well as a team, creating chances and putting them away”.

The knock to Modric
“There's nothing to worry about as it was just a niggle. We could see that it was painful in the dressing room but he was able to carry on. The changes were made to protect the players and give others a run out”.

This win is testament to the team's hard work and good attitude.

“How the goals go in doesn't matter to me. If they happen to be spectacular goals that's better for the players, but as long as they're scoring I'll be happy”. 

“What pleases me most is having scored 5 goals. When you score 3 goals, what you're looking for then is to not concede and to continue threatening in attack. We lost our concentration a few times but kept on attacking and that's what I liked most”.

“He didn't join up with us a bit later, but much later on because he was playing in the Copa América. That can't be disputed. He's finding his rhythm and his ability is not up for debate. Debates over which player will play don't worry me”.

Keylor's future
“I work with all my players, they're all excellent and I'm very happy with them. What I'd like to do is enjoy this 5-0 result”.

“He had the most shots tonight, as he had in Gijon. No one doubts Cristiano's ability and as long as the team can create chances, he'll score a lot of goals”.

The importance of tactics
“Tactics are a big concern in Italy. In Spain it's more about the technical ability and the quality of the players. We have enough quality to change the line-up without disrupting the team and to also give the players freedom”.

The upcoming changes
“That's not that important with the whole season still ahead. This is the start of the championship and after the preseason we're still lacking a bit of energy so we're making changes to protect the players. That probably won't be necessary in a few months time”.