Presentación de Danilo

Danilo: “It's a dream to join the best club in the world”

NEWS | 09/07/2015 | Alberto Navarro

“I'm excited and highly motivated to add even more silverware to the Real Madrid trophy cabinet”, he declared in the press room.
Danilo spoke to the media outlets in attendance at the Santiago Bernabéu's press room. The first reinforcement of the 2015/16 season assessed his first few hours as a Whites' player: “I've made a good choice and I've come to the best club in the world. It felt great to see the ten European Cups. That was very special. I'm excited and highly motivated to add even more silverware to the trophy cabinet”.

“My unveiling was a really special feeling. I was extremely emotional and have fulfilled a dream. I feel very highly valued and am really proud. I know how much of an effort the club made to acquire my services and I hope I can show what I'm capable of on a daily basis. I like to have high demands placed on me and to work hard. It's comes easy to me to do what the manager asks in terms of my attacking and defending duties”.

Winning titles
“It was an odd year for Real Madrid because usually the team always win. Real Madrid are undoubtedly going to get back to winning ways because this is a club that lives to win titles. We will be starting the season with the mindset that we are going to win all the titles we compete for”.

Competition with Carvajal and Arbeloa
“It's good for the club. Having three quality players fighting for the same position shows that the club wants to wins. All three of us are very competitive players and are all internationals. The real winners here are the club and the team”.

His injury
“I asked for time off during my time in Brazil in order recover from my ankle injury, and I'm fully mended now. My objectives with Real Madrid are to adapt to the playing style and the demands of the club as quickly as possible, as well as to the city and normal day-to-day life as that is going to help me play better”.

“I know how much of an effort the club made to acquire my services and I hope I can show what I'm capable of on a daily basis”

“I don't expect the Real Madrid supporters to be any different to the Porto fans. They'll get behind us, from what I've always seen of them, and I hope we can do whatever's needed in order to win and have them push us on”.

“They're all world-class players. They're the best players in their respective positions and I want to spend time with all of them. Playing with the best makes life easier. I can't wait to get started”.

Benítez and his position
“I haven't spoken with him about this at all. I've had very little contact with the manager, but I'm at his disposal to play wherever he sees fit. I'm here to help”.

“Not just me but every Brazilian full back looks up to Cafú as an example of a winner. He's one of my idols. I don't usually compare myself to anyone because I have my own characteristics. My mission is to be the future Danilo for Real Madrid. I work hard to be unique”.

The rivalry with Barcelona
“Nothing needs to be said about it. It's one of the fiercest rivalries in the world. Neymar is a close friend of mine and I'd love to play in one”.

His experience with Porto
“It was a unique experience. It left an impression on me and I was very happy there. It's a place I'll never forget and will always hold in my heart. The Porto fans are spectacular. They always get behind the club and are warm and demanding people”.

High level of Spanish
“I learned quite a lot travelling during my playing days in Brazil and I was also really interested in participating whenever Spanish was being spoken. As well as that, when I was getting over my injury, I worked with the Porto technical staff, who were Spanish”.