Entrevista Carvajal

Carvajal: “I am proud to be staying here, a place I see as home, for another five years"

INTERVIEW | 08/07/2015

“I am very excited with this new project; we are going to do everything possible to make it a successful year".

Following the renewal of his contract until 2020, Carvajal gave his first interview to Realmadrid.com and Realmadrid TV: “I am proud to be staying here, a place I see as home, for another five years". The former academy player showed his optimism for the new season: "I am very excited. We are going to do everything possible to make it a successful year, and I am excited with our project for the 2015/16 season".

  1. Congratulations. The term "lifelong Madrid supporter" applies perfectly to you.

    I have been here for practically ten years. I grew up here and they have taught me those values. I am proud to be staying at the club for another five years and I am grateful for the vote of confidence that the club has given me. I feel like I have a lot of support and I hope to be able to fully justify that.

  2. Are you excited ahead of the new season?

    Yes. I am very excited with the new project, with the new manager and the new coaching team. I have had the pleasure to meet them personally and it is quite exciting. We have the pre-season ahead to prepare for everything and we hope that it will be a great year with lots of titles.

  3. Have you become the player you were expecting to become when you joined ‘La Fábrica’?

    I have become the player I dreamed of becoming more than the player I expected to be. Looking back at my career it seems almost unthinkable that I would be here today extending my contract for another five seasons. When I joined in 2002, I always dreamed of stepping onto the Bernabéu with Real Madrid shirt and thanks to God and the club it has been possible.

  4. You have always said that you did an Eramsus year in Germany. There you became one of the most outstanding defenders.

    It was an opportunity. The club never broke their ties with me and we reached the best possible solution: leave in order to grow and improve. It was the best decision and the key turning point in my career in order to be here today.

  5. How do you define yourself as a footballer?

    I am a player who works a lot and gives their best every day. I am 100% competitive and very intensive in defence and attacking. I have qualities for modern football, which demands more offensive right backs, who are fast and can cover rival wingers, who are the quickest players. I aim to use my abilities to help the team.

  6. You won La Décima in your first season. What was that moment like?

    I have no words for it. When I was a child I also wanted Real Madrid to win the European Cup every season. To see myself among the starting 11 players in the final of the Champions League in the first season I played in the competition, is something that I still find hard to believe even now.

  7. It seems that you have a special relationship with the European Cup. In 2002 when you arrived at the club, they had just won La Novena. Now as you are renewing your contract, it is time for La Undécima...

    Let's hope the tradition continues and we can do it. It would be magnificent news.

  8. You have won three other titles with Real Madrid: the Club World Cup, the European Super Cup and the Copa del Rey. What memories do you have?

    In only two seasons I have been able to win four titles thanks to my team mates. Being at Real Madrid, and with the help of my team mates, surely we will win more.

  9. You are 23 years old and I imagine that you often take inspiration from your team mates.

    In the two years that I have been here I have been lucky to be able to play alongside both young and more experienced players. The older players give us lots of advice and contribute a lot in order to help us improve and understand what it means to wear this shirt. We look to lots of team mates for inspiration.

  10. Are you excited that you will continue to develop at your lifelong club?

    It is a dream for me to have the club's vote of confidence. Being here for another five years until 2020 is exciting and I want to get started to show that they made the right choice.