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The Realmadrid App is presented

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NEWS | 19/05/2015 | Antonio M. Leal

“This marks the beginning of a new form of connecting the Real Madrid spirit throughout the world”, declared Florentino Pérez.
The Santiago Bernabéu's presidential box held the presentation ceremony of the new Realmadrid App. The application, which is already available free of charge, contains exclusive club content like the spectacular film En el corazón de la Décima (In the heart of la Décima). The event was attended by Florentino Pérez, the Real Madrid president; Orlando Ayala, chairman of emerging markets at Microsoft Corporation; Carlo Ancelotti and the players from the first team football squad. 

Florentino Pérez took to the floor first: “We are now in a new digital age and this step together with Microsoft will reduce the thousands of kilometres separating Real Madrid from many of its fans to just one click. This club does not slow down and that means rising to the greatest challenges. We owe that to our supporters, that is why today marks the beginning of a new form of connecting the Real Madrid spirit throughout the world”. 

Virtual stadium
“This is application is a result of our relationship with Microsoft and will allow us to contact Madrid fans from every continent. We can all enter the virtual stadium and be part of the club, live the experience and get exclusive content. Thanks to this, the dream of sharing a common place, which we who love the club hold, has been made flesh”.

This will be a very special application for those of us who hold Real Madrid so dear.

“This week is the one year anniversary of la Décima. The 24 May will mark the first year since that game Real Madrid supporters will never forget. As a treat, this application will feature the El corazón de la Décima movie containing unique images with which to relive that memorable night. You can feel part of the action just like the players, the technical staff and those working around the first team did. Every Madrid fan will enjoy it”.

“We have always been pioneers because we always lead the way in terms of excellence, both in the world of sports and when it comes to carving out a place for Real Madrid on the global stage. Our strategic partnership with Microsoft allows us to transform into a digital club. Together we launch Realmadrid App, a new application for mobile devices. This will be a very special application for those of us who hold Real Madrid so dear”.

Orlando Ayala
The chairman of emerging markets at Microsoft Corporation followed after Florentino Pérez: “This application allows you to create customised content: by age, language... It is a stadium with an unlimited capacity that allows you to live all the Real Madrid passion up close. We are not just launching an application, but rather a global community. This will be a meeting place for the Real Madrid passion. This will open the club to millions of fans around the world”.

Available now
Through the application you can also find the Realmadrid TV schedule. Realmadrid App is now available to download free of charge for all smartphone devices, irrespective of operating system or mobile phone provider. It will soon to available for tablets too. Realmadrid App is available in English and Spanish and will soon be available in French, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese.

Movistar has participated as a sponsor in the launch of Realmadrid App, a valuable collaboration that will help announce the application to the world and contribute to the ambitious objective that has been set for number of downloads.