Visita a la Comunidad de Madrid y al Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Rudy: "The supporters were our sixth man"

NEWS | 18/05/2015

"It's a historic moment and now we're going to fight to win the League", explained Carroll.
During their visit to the Community of Madrid headquarters and the Town Hall, the Real Madrid basketball squad expressed their happiness at winning the European Cup. Rudy underlined the influence of the fans' support: "They were like another member of the team. Playing the Final Four at home brought with it a lot of pressure, but the way they drove us on was incredible and they were our sixth man. It's a trophy that was long awaited. This team is a family; I've been here for three years and I feel at home".

"We have another competition left to win and I hope that it can be a perfect year for the Madrid fans and for the club's basketball section. It's incredible the season we're having, we're in with a chance of four trophies and we hope that all the fans carry on getting right behind us".

Nocioni: "We've achieved something wonderful"
"I'm really happy at being able to make the supporters happy and bring them this long-awaited trophy. We've achieved something wonderful and we're happy to be here. My MVP award belongs to the whole team".

Laso: "We dedicate this to the people who support us day in, day out"
"We're very happy and very proud, and we want to dedicate this to the people who support us day in, day out. It's a massive trophy for the club. We're going to celebrate it now, but we know we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We're proud of the boys; they're having a magnificent season".

Laso: "It's a massive trophy for the club".

"There are many times when you know that the fans are going to be there for you, just as you know that team's motivation is going to be at its maximum for an event like this. But above all I'd like to highlight the daily support of the fans, both in the good times and the bad. We have an incredible connection with them and this success is in no small part down to them".

Llull: "We've made a lot of people happy"
"We've made a lot of people happy, starting with ourselves. It's something historic, we hadn't won it for 20 years and we've managed it here, at home and at the Palacio. In club basketball, winning this trophy is the pinnacle and we've done it".

Carroll: "We've worked to lift this trophy for several years"
"We're very happy. We've been working to lift this trophy for several seasons. Winning the club's ninth European Cup is a historic moment. Now we're going to carry on fighting to win the League".

Reyes: "The supporters give us strength to keep on working"
"We dedicate this to the Madrid fans, for their support throughout these years. The supporters give us strength every day to keep on working and improving. They were our sixth man in the Palacio and we really felt their influence. Winning La Novena at home is a dream come true. You can't ask for any more".

Ayón: "I'm very proud to have won this trophy in my first year"
"We're very happy to have won the European Cup. Now our target is the League. I'm very proud to have won this trophy in my first year at the club. The fans played an important part in us lifting the Cup, because when you feel them getting right behind you it helps you from minute to minute".

Rivers: "This is huge for the team and for the players"
"This trophy is huge for the team and for the players, and after losing two finals it's fantastic. The fans helped to give us strength and to finish the game strongly, and lift La Novena".