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Real Madrid: the most loved Spanish club in the world

NEWS | 12/05/2015

With a total of 2,267 spread throughout the world, the Whites are the team with the most official fan clubs. 
Since member Mariano Herrero founded the first Real Madrid fan club in September 1920, these supporters' groups have not stopped growing, turning Madrid into the most followed Spanish club in the world. In Spain, the Whites lead the fan-club ranking thanks to the support of 2,136 such associations. Andalusia is the autonomous community with the largest quantity, 455, followed by Castilla-La Mancha with 279 and Extremadura with 248.

Nine decades after the fan club Peña Mariano was born, the most recent to be registered was in March of this year: the supporters' club Peña Madridista El Morell, located in the town of the same name in the province of Tarragona, and made up of 55 members.  

Outside our borders, Real Madrid are also the most loved Spanish club. There are 131 official fan clubs registered abroad, with Switzerland the country boasting the highest number: 13. USA and Morocco on 9, and Belgium with 7, occupy second and third place respectively. 

In total, Madrid have 2,267 fan clubs cheering them on from all corners of the globe. Millions of supporters brought together by the same feeling, the same passion and the same source of pride: being a Real Madrid fan.