Real Madrid - Olympiacos

Laso: “I am very happy for the team for the fans and for the club"

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NEWS | 17/05/2015 | Edu Bueno

“Carroll's play in the third quarter was key to the final", he added.
Pablo Laso gave a press conference at the Palacio at the end of the game and was extremely satisfied with the title won against Olympiacos: “I am very happy for the team because they deserve it; for my work group, who are as important as Nocioni; for the fans because they are the ones who drive us on by always supporting us; anf for the club, because we know the demands of Real Madrid and it is not easy. Let's enjoy it and not change".

"Firstly, I am very happy for the players because they did an excellent job all throughout the year, overcoming obstacles such as injury. Despite everything, we have stuck together and that is what I ask for in game. It means a lot when you have players who are stars. For me, all 13 players are stars but you have to form a team. That is what I have done, ever since I took on the Real Madrid job, form a team. History is all fine and well but we are champions of Europe now and that makes us happy".

“I said it yesterday. I am not the type of person who go overs what happens in their head a lot. You have to get up again after a defeat. It has been a long road to get here. I will remember the final but also the day to day work. Losing two finals was difficult but when you look back you feel prouder of the players. Some have said 'thanks Pablo' but it should be me saying thanks to them for having shown the enthusiasm to win".

Carroll's Moment
“He was key. You can talk about a lot of things in a game like defence or rebounds. We had lost our attacking spark and what we are at that moment and he gave it back to us. We woke up again".

Significance of the title
“I talk a lot about the team and I consider myself to be another team member for good and bad. On a personal level, I am very conent and happy to win this title. It is a form of recognition that I value as much as every day recognition. I am the same now as I was five hours ago, a year ago, and now I am European champion and I have conveyed that a number of times to my players".

New additions 
"Teams change, players leave, some who want to leave and others who can't stay. That is professional sport. However, the most important thing for me is to have a team. That takes time. However, they have shown heart from the first day and that heart and body has been shown for a long time. Today the Euroleague MVP is a player whose greatest talent may be his heart. I am delighted for him and for the team, they have continued to grow and improve. I am also delighted for the new players who have been extremely important in winning the title".

I have 13 stars in the team and they are all equally important.

“My aim with Real Madrid, from the beginning, was to give them the value that is associated with Real Madrid basketball. I grew up watching Luyk, Emiliano and Corbalán play. I have been a part of this club and I know what it conveys. For me, it was important to be a recognised and recognisable teal, that is more important than titles, although at Real Madrid you are obliged to fight for every title. I am happy because my personal targets have gradually been met".

Clean sweep
“We have won the four competitions that we have played in since I've been here. However, I am not finished yet. I am very happy and calm but I know myself well and if we begin to lose on Wednesday against Laboral Kutxa I will get angry".

Long road
“Darden gave me the first hug. He has lost a final and he told me that it was worth it for the team and for me. This victory belongs to everyone that has come through the club: Suárez, Draper, Pocius… I have good things to say about them all because they gave everything for the club. They deserve part of the win".

Defending against Spanoulis
“I don't know what the magic formula is for defending against Spanoulis. The players put in a great performance to ensure that he didn't get into his attacking flow and we changed things up at the back to counter him. All five players put in a shift defending against him so it wasn't just one man stopping him, instead it was the entire team”.

Importance of the whole roster
“As far as I'm concerned Slaughter is just as important as any of my other players. What he does for us is just incredible. We need specific things from Carroll, from Rudy… It's the entire team that make you great. I have 13 stars in my roster”.

“Basketball is in your blood, it isn't just a job. My playing days are behind me now but I would have gone on forever if I had been able. Reyes and Nocioni are both smart. They want to win and compete”.