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Florentino: “The excitement this trophy has produced in the Madrid fans is enormous"

NEWS | 18/05/2015

"The level of satisfaction is enormous because this title alluded us for so long”, said the president.
Florentino Pérez expressed his satisfaction after the basketball team secured the European Cup. In an interview with Realmadrid TV, the president of the Whites said: “It is a title that has alluded us for a long time. It has taken us 20 years and as such the level of satisfaction is even greater”.

“There is a lot of suffering involved in basketball, you suffer here even when you win, but I also have to say that this is the result of the great work that has been done ever since Juan Carlos Sánchez was put in charge of the basketball section and Pablo Laso was hired. We have reached three Euroleague finals and it ended up being the third time lucky”.

“The amount of excitement this has brought Real Madrid fans is just astounding and now the basketball team once again sits on the pedestal where they belong. I thank Juan Carlos and Pablo Laso once again”.

The team
“We have been improving year by year with new players and we made some very good signings this year to add to what we already had, which was spectacular. We have undoubtedly become the best side in Europe. And that is not only to do with winning the title but also with the manner in which we have been playing”.

The basketball team once again sits on the pedestal they belong.

“This was a European Cup trophy all the Real Madrid supporters wanted. The third time is always the charm and we accomplished our mission. I am as delighted as every other Real Madrid fan. They gave it their all in the semi-final and the final, and have also been spectacular all season”.

Dressing room
“There was nothing left to say. I watch the basketball team a lot and always visit the dressing room, just as I do with the football team. But today was extra special because the players knew this was the dream of every Real Madrid supporter. For example, Nocioni said: 'I came here for this'. He came here to win the European Cup and he has done just that”.

The Palacio
“Celebrating at home is an extra special source of motivation. We are extremely satisfied and I believe the Palacio and the fans helped us, as they always do whenever we have a basketball game”.

The junior team
“I have followed them whenever I have had the chance. They are a spectacular team, a real once off and they will end up playing with great Spanish and NBA clubs. I hope we get to enjoy watching them playing with Real Madrid”.