Entrevista Bwin a Carvajal

Carvajal: "Our fans will be the 12th man against Juventus"


NEWS | 11/05/2015

“If we keep calm and have a lot of patience, the game will go our way", he added.
Carvajal analysed the second leg of the Champions League semi-final for Bwin. The full-back explained the key aspects to achieving a place on the final in Berlin: "We have to win, that is crucial. We especially need to keep a cool head, be patient, and not go crazy. The game lasts for 90 minutes, we have to try and make the time go really slowly for Juve so that they suffer without the ball".

"These are matches where once the ball gets rolling, you focus on playing, eleven against eleven. On Wednesday we will feel the warmth of our fans, who will surely be our 12th man, and if we score a lot of goals, this factor will have an important role for the first one"

Playing against Morata
“I am really happy to be playing against a friend in the semi-final of the Champions League. I find it really strange to be facing him, and having to mark him and defend against him in some moves...I think it is a disadvantage because he is a great player and the truth is that he is really dangerous".

The game in Turin
“It has to be enough for us. They created danger when we lost the ball or because of our errors. I believe that if we stay calm, remain really patient and make them move, then the game will go our way".

We have to make the game feel really long for Juve so they suffer without the ball.

“After the game, the manager and players' feelings were clear. We could not commit so many errors on easy passes, in relatively easy deliveries, because we breathed life into them in that regard".

The importance of James
"James is one of the most important members of the squad at the moment. He is playing spectacularly, you can see that from game to game. We are all trying to make our own little contribution, and I hope we have a great game and qualify for Berlin".

“We all know Karim, he is a fantastic player, a 9 that offers us a lot and I hope he will make it back in time for the game on Wednesday. If the manager decides that he can do his bit then he will surely be important".

Cristiano, the best player in the world
“In my opinion, yes, I don't believe there is anyone else like him".

If there are penalties, would you ask to take one?
“Yes, without a doubt. I think that at times like that you have to take a step forward and be brave because you never know if you will get the opportunity to hit another penalty".