Real Madrid - Dominion Bilbao Basket

Madrid's best defensive game since the 2001-02 season

NEWS | 27/04/2015

Dominion Bilbao Basket's 52 points is the lowest score by an opponent against Madrid in 13 years.
Real Madrid's defensive performance against Dominion Bilbao Basket last week in the league, where they conceded 52 points, is the side's best over the last 13 seasons. During the 2001-02 season, they conceded 51 points against Canarias Telecom on matchday 17. On Sunday, Madrid notched up their most brilliance defensive performance since 20 January 2002 against a rival who had been averaging 77 points per game.

The previous best defensive performance of the season came in the first league game, when they conceded 57 points. Throughout the last 13 seasons, they have twice conceded 53 points and have conceded 54 points on five occasions.

14 consecutive victories at the Palacio
With the win against the Bilbao side, Real Madrid remain unbeaten at the Palacio and have equalled the number of consecutive victories they achieved at home last season. The Whites can beat this record against Unicaja de Málaga, on Thursday at 8.45pm.

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