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Real Madrid - Málaga

Chicharito: “Everything would be more difficult without the fans"

NEWS | 18/04/2015 | Bárbara Jiménez

"We played with a lot of fight, hard work and sacrifice", explained Marcelo.
Chicharito had a key role in the last goal of the game by assisting Cristiano Ronaldo. The Mexican forward summed up the game as follows: "It is a shame what happened to Modric and Bale, I hope it is nothing serious. It is sad to come on for an injured team mate but I was given an opportunity, I tried to do the best I could and I was able to help the team".

"I am very happy with the result. The move for the goal went well and Cristiano was able to score. Now we have to think ahead to Atlético, we will concentrate on the Champions League and we have to win at home. We want to finish it off at the Bernabéu"

Role of the fans
“This is for everyone, everything would be more difficult with the fans. They support us quite a lot. With their support and our ambition to be in the semi-finals, we are going to give everything possible to win".

Marcelo: "We tried to keep possession"
“We tried to do what we know best and to keep possession of the ball. Málaga are a great side and always make things difficult for us, but today we played with more fight, hard work and sacrifice. It was an open game up until the end".

Bale and Modric
“They will undergo tests to see what they have. They are both very good, they bring a lot to Real Madrid, but we have a squad of players with hopes of winning".

Illarra: “Even after the second goal, Málaga made things difficult for us"

“Modric is a great player, he is very intelligent. He helps us a lot and we have suffered in his absence, but we have people who can play like him".

Knockout round against Atlético
“It will be a battle like always. They play with a lot of intensity but we have the fans who will help us a lot. We are going to give everything we can on the pitch to go through. I will be supporting my team mates and it will be a great game".

Illarra: “Málaga made the game difficult for us"
“In the first half it was difficult for us to create chances and they even made things difficult for us after the second goal. Barca did not slip up and Málaga gave us a tough match, they play well".

Blows to Bale and Modric
“They didn't look good but we don't know what is wrong, we have to wait for the tests. They are two crucial players for us and we hope that there is nothing wrong with them. I am available and if they need me I will be there. I train as hard as I can everyday for that chance".

Situation in the squad
“I have a contract here and I am very happy. I had a bit of difficulty adapting last year. However, now I am very happy here in the city and my team mates. Of course, I would like to stay here".

Next game
“We had a lot of chances in the first half against Atlético, we didn't score but we hope to win here with the support of the fans. 0-0 is dangerous. We must try not to concede because we have people in attack who can score goals".