Barcelona - Real Madrid

Marcelo: “We will never give in"

NEWS | 22/03/2015

“We are going to fight until the end, that is what this badge demands", stated Pepe.
Marcelo spoke to the press following the game against Barcelona and highlighted Real Madrid's performance over the first 45 minutes: "We played better in some parts of the game and we had more possession than them in the first half and at the beginning of the second half, but in the end they were better. It was a key game where we could have gone ahead of them, but there are games left and we are going to keep fighting". 

“We are never going to give in, we are going to keep battling, and be aware of our faults so that we do not make them again. Now we do not depend on ourselves and it is more difficult, but we are going to fight on until the end".

Pepe: “In the end, we played more with our hearts than with our heads"
"Football is like that and Barcelona got one dead ball opportunity and scored. We played well in the first half and the second goal killed us".

Pepe: “We played brilliantly in the first half, we moved the ball well and had chances to score". 

“We took a lot of risks and after the second goal we did not remain faithful to our style of play. That was when Barcelona had more opportunities and we wanted to do things more with our hearts than with our heads". 

The league table
“We have not lost La Liga, there is a long way to go and we know that we have the quality to win it. We are going to keep fighting to win every game. We are going to battle until the end that is what the Real Madrid badge demands. We have the example of last year, where La Liga was not decided until the final match".

They are not giving in
“We knew that it would be an important step forward if we won, but even so we knew that there would be a lot of work to do to become champions. We are going to keep working. We have to fight until the end".