Carlo Ancelotti

Casillas: "What's most important is that our trophy defence continues"

NEWS | 10/03/2015 | Nacho Díaz

"It was a difficult evening, but we got through", said Nacho.
Iker Casillas analysed Real Madrid's match against Schalke, and the Whites' qualification for the next stage of the Champions League: "What's most important is that our trophy defence continues. In the draw, Real Madrid's name being in the pot is what'll make us forget these ten days, which have been dramatic for us. We have to change as soon as possible." 

"It's good to try to take away positives and we're aware of that. The team has again failed to reach the level of recent months, but what's important is that we realise that. Today wasn't my best game. We have to think about the collective and we're going through a difficult time. But, although we fell short of what was required, we did enough to get through."

Rapport with the crowd
"We were made to sweat too much. What we have to do is be more united than ever. We have to understand the Madrid fans, and today we weren't up to the standards of Real Madrid and the Champions League last 16."

Kroos: "We're happy about going through, but we didn't play well; the team has to improve and defend better".

"The Bernabéu want to see their team win. We understand the concerns among the crowd, their whistles and the disapproval they showed at certain moments. The sooner we can achieve that rapport with the fans, the better for us. That'll mean we can start winning games not only physically but also mentally." 

Nacho: “The squad has to show its strength”
"We're in the quarter-finals; not the way we wanted. It was a difficult evening. We didn't play the way we wanted, but we got through, which is what's important. It was a difficult game and Schalke are a good team. If they scored one more goal, we knew that we were out."

Hard work to improve
"We haven't reached our peak level of performance for a few weeks, and we don't know the reason. We're working day in, day out to be the team of 2014, when we managed to win everything. We need to be calm and people have to have complete confidence in us; we're the same players, and with the level we have we're going to get through it."

"What's most important is that the team sticks together. These are the moments that the squad has to show its strength. We have to look at what we did wrong tonight and in previous games. The Camp Nou will be very difficult, but first we have Levante, which is an opportunity to take another step in the right direction."