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Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “I still have complete faith in this team, I know what it's capable of”

NEWS | 10/03/2015 | Javier García

"We all know that we played badly, the whistles were deserved and are there to wake us up", he added. 
Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media and analysed the game against Schalke, which saw the Whites qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals: "I'm very sorry. As everyone saw, we played very badly, it isn't good for our image and that of our club. I'm very sorry. The whistles were totally deserved. This is going to motivate us for the games to come. I still have complete faith in this team and in the squad. I know what it's capable of producing. Right now it isn't."

"We have to work harder and focus more. We all know that we played badly. We have no problem saying so. It's the truth. We want to do better. Nobody likes moments and games like these. I've spoken to the players."

Half-time team talk
"We tried to sort out the defensive side of things, which is where things most went wrong. No team had scored four goals against us at home. Only Barcelona I think, with two penalties. We weren't well organised." 

"It's normal, we lacked confidence. We've also suffered a bit of a dip physically. We had problems in every department of the play: attack, defence, desire, fighting spirit, focus... It was pretty clear."

His future
"I'm not thinking about being sacked. I'm continuing to do my job. I'm trying to better, I need to do better. As I've said, it's the responsibility of the coach to put out a team that can play better than we have tonight."

Did you think you were going to go out?
"No, we suffered until the end, until the last minute. The game didn't turn out as we wanted."

The presence of Modric gives us more control of the ball and more effective possession.

"As I've said, I have complete faith in all the players. The key to solving this problem is the players themselves, and the coach too."

"The presence of Modric gives us more control of the ball and more effective possession. We shouldn't ask a lot of him because he has been out for three months. We have to be careful. He did well, he was confident and comfortable. He's going to help us, as will Ramos, with his personality and character." 

The players
"I don't think they've lost faith in the coach. Everything can be said right now. We have to be clear, we're playing very badly. It's quite incomprehensible after everything that we did until December. We're in this period of form and we have to do something more to change it."

The reason for the problems
"It isn't easy to explain. We've lost a bit of confidence in our play and identity. We're finding it too difficult to play as we want to."

Did the team embarrass itself?
"No, we're professionals and we don't embarrass ourselves. We play badly, we get it wrong and we make mistakes. We try to give our all for this shirt, which is an honour to wear. But we don't embarrass ourselves. We work with dedication and we're professional."

Visit to the Camp Nou
"In football, things change quickly. Until December we won 22 games, now we're in a very difficult period that nobody could have imagined. In football everything changes very quickly. The fans showed affection tonight, because the whistles are there to wake us up."