Barcelona - Real Madrid

Sergio Rodríguez: “We want to win everything this year”

NEWS | 22/02/2015 | Edu Bueno (Gran Canaria)

“We dedicate this to the fans and thank them for all the support over the past few days”, said Felipe Reyes.
The Madrid roster were euphoric after lifting the Copa del Rey against Barcelona. Sergio Rodríguez summarised the team's feelings: “We were confident. There was a stage in the season when things weren't going well for us, but we have recovered from that. We are delighted".

“Tomorrow we have to get back to working on our next objectives. We have to keep on working because we want to win everything this year. We have won three Copa del Rey titles during Pablo Laso's four years in charge. It is a tournament we do well in and that fills us with a lot of confidence”.

Reyes: “Now our aim is to win the Euroleague”
“This is the third Copa del Rey title for a quite a few of us. We are extremely happy, now we have to enjoy this moment. We dedicate it to the fans and we thank them for all the support they have given us over the past few days. We have won back-to-back titles once again. We are happy to make history with this team. Now our aim is to win the Euroleague”.

Nocioni: “It was a very hard game, a typical clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and overall the balance of play favoured us”.

Llull: “We deserved to win”
“We worked really hard and that makes this victory all the sweeter. Winning titles always feels good. Laso supports us all the time and undoubtedly deserved to win this Copa. The team have shown that they know how to play. We played three good games, with some mistakes but a lot of good points, and we deserved to win”.

Carroll: “We have grown a lot as a team”
“We fight every day in order to win. We have had a year packed full of work and we have grown a lot as a team. We compete so we get to have moments like this. We have been playing at a very high level over the last few years and we hope that continues for a long time to come”.

Campazzo: “That which is difficult to achieve is enjoyed all the more”
“We are very happy and are enjoying this. When you achieve something that is difficult, it becomes even more enjoyable. The group deserve this and I feel really proud to be part of this team”.


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