Real Madrid - Real Sociedad

Ramos: “We responded quickly to turn the scoreboard around"

NEWS | 31/01/2015

“We did not start as we would have liked to but then we had the ball and we played well", said Marcelo.
Sergio Ramos appeared before the press following the game against Real Sociedad: “Despite conceding an early goal, the positive thing is that the team knew how to respond well, quickly and turn the scoreboard around. We once again saw a good performance from the team, dominating and playing effectively up the field". 

"We have to use this to improve and go on a good run of results. Sometimes you make mistakes in football and we have to use that to improve and grow as a team". 

Cristiano Ronaldo
“Cristiano is a fundamental part of the team, but it is good to know that there are players who makes the most of the minutes that the coach gives them. The key to success is having a good group with everyone working towards the same goals".

Contract extension
"We have not talked to the club about any extension. I have two years left and I am happier than ever because I cannot imagine myself in any other shirt apart from this one".

Marcelo: “It was a very difficult game despite the result"
“They scored with the first move of the game. We scored soon after and that made the comeback easier. We did not start as we would have liked to but then we had the ball and we played well. It was crucial to win today. It was a very difficult game despite the result and now we have another extremely tough game against Sevilla".

Carvajal: "We got our form back against Real Sociedad".

“I like to see the team doing well and winning. If I can help out with assists or goals then even better, but the important thing is that the team manages to win. The move between James and Bale is something that happens on the pitch. A forward has to score and perhaps Bale saw scoring as the best option".

Benzema's goal
“I was standing behind and it was a great goal. He is a top-class player and eveybody knows it, I am really delighted with his fantastic goal".

Carvajal: “We have won the first encounter of the week"
“This is a very important week for us with three matches, two of them at home. Today was the first round and we won. Although we started with a slight lack of concentration, we were then able to make a comeback. Sometimes you have bad days, we are human, but today we got our form back".

Benzema's second goal
“I did not see it well from where I was standing, but I realized it was an amazing goal by the way people reacted to it".

“He is an ambitious player who contributes a lot. Last weekend he practically gave us the three points and today he provided an assist. He is really important for us. We all want to score and do well and of course James understands that".

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He is the best player in the world and he is missed but there are great players in the squad who play well”.