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Nacho: “I am really happy with my goal and the win"

NEWS | 10/01/2015

“We needed this win, we continue to notch up points in La Liga", said Arbeloa.
Nacho scored his first goal for Real Madrid in the win against Espanyol at the Bernabéu. The defender was happy at the end of the game: "I am really happy with my goal for Real Madrid and with the victory. I am very happy because it is important for people to show their love for you when playing at home".

"We came here following two games in which we didn't manage to play at our best, but generally speaking, we had a good game today. We go home with good feelings about our game on Thursday against Atlético”.

Bale and Cristiano
"We cannot question Bale and Cristiano's dedication to Madrid, and how they are great team mates. All of the players want to score, there is nothing more to it".

The Copa del Rey game
"We are Real Madrid and we are playing at home with our fans. We need their support, we can win. It wouldn't be a disaster to lose because we are playing against a strong rival, and if we go through it would be a great moment for us."

Arbeloa: “We needed this win”
“It would be good if the match between Barcelona and Atlético ends in a draw, but the important thing is that we keep notching up points in La Liga".

We are certain that the fans are going to help us on Thursday and that there will be an incredible atmosphere.

“The game on Thursday is really important. We really want to do it, we want to answer back, and give everything we can to get another comeback. We know that the fans are crucial if we want to do it. Undoubtedly, they will be great as always on Thursday". 

“The fans here are demanding and if you make a mistake, they let you know about it, but Bale cannot be blamed for anything today. He scored an amazing goal and he may have made a few mistakes, but he is a player you have to show affection for and the fans know how to appreciate him”.

The Ballon d'Or
“I hope that Cristiano can win and we can celebrate another Ballon d'Or because he deserves it".  

Coentrão's sending off
“I haven't been able to watch it on television. On the pitch it seemed that it was a case of two players going in really strong to win the ball, with good intentions and going for the ball".