Lucas Silva en rueda de prensa

Lucas Silva: “I want to make history at this club"

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NEWS | 26/01/2015

“This is a dream, it's a new chapter for me and I will adapt quickly in order to be ready as soon as possible”, he said.
Lucas Silva held a press conference in the Santiago Bernabéu's press room following his presentation. The Brazilian was accompanied by Emilio Butragueño, the director of Institutional Relations, who welcomed him: “You have already felt the love of the supporters, some of whom were your compatriots. You will always have their love and they will expect the most of you. We are sure that you have just begun a period of your career that will be full of success”.

After that it was the player's turn to speak: “This is a dream, it is a new stage of my career and I hope to make the most of it. I want to make history at this club. I'm ready to get playing as soon as possible. This is all very new to me, but I feel ready to be here. I've had a taste of the atmosphere, so we'll see what it's like on matchdays”.

"Opportunities come about and you have to be ready to take them. I had a really good feeling when I arrrived, I have to confess that I felt a few butterflies in my stomach when I came out on to the pitch and I saw the fans and the media."

Kroos's position
“It is going to be a pleasure working with such big players, especially in the middle of the park with names like Kroos. I'm very proud to be playing with him, I've been following his career for a long time. He is a top quality player, but that puts more responsibility on my shoulders and boosts my confidence to follow in his footsteps and, who knows, perhaps get to play by his side”.

Change of style
“I haven't spoken with the coach about what I have to change or modify, but I doubt there'll be much. I'll be playing the football I've always played. I have to get off to a good start and play as best as I can”.

Madrid's playing style
“I've watched some games, I admit I haven't watched all of them, but whenever I have the chance and the time I'll watch them. The team works very well together, they are very good and are top of the championship. I'm here to help and to contribute as much as I can”.

Defining himself as a footballer
“I'm a very technical player, but I always keep my position in the centre of midfield. I distribute the ball well, I have long-range passing ability and I try to keep things balanced in the middle of the park”.

I feel ready, I'm more than 80% fit

“I was with Cruzeiro for a week of pre-season. I've done a lot of physical training and ball work. I'm training this evening as well. I want to be training with my team-mates as soon as possible to adapt quickly and be available for selection”.

Florentino Pérez
“He welcomed me and has treated me very well. I've felt the faith he has in me from the beginning and now it's up to me to repay that trust on the pitch and give my very best in order to make him even more confident in me”.

“For years I have been following Real Madrid and the players that were here in the past, as well as those that here today, both in real life and in video games. For example, the Brazilians who've played here and who've made history like Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Julio Baptista, who I had the chance to play with at Cruzeiro, as well as Kaká. All the members of the current squad represent Real Madrid very well. I, like them, have come here to make history”.

“Starting games is one of my goals, but I have to take it bit by bit. My other objectives are to help and learn. You have to move forwards all the time, as I always have done in my life. I feel great, I was playing and winning titles with Cruzeiro for years and now I'm looking to carve out my place here little by little”. 

Latin American players
“Latin American football is becoming more popular all the time, the level of competition is very high. All the players are of high quality, showing their best football and the European teams are aware of that and are always looking to strengthen their teams with good players”.

Team-mates and Ancelotti
“I haven't met any of the players or the manager yet. A lot of people have been asking me about Marcelo because he is Brazilian. I've heard really great things about him, that he's an easy-going person and I'm sure he is going to help me adapt. With regards to the manager, I've read some quotes saying that I'll be useful this season and that he'll be counting on my play. I am very happy and ready to help”.

How the deal progressed
“There was a lot of speculation, a lot of headlines and quotes in the press, but I was always relaxed. I still had a contract with Cruzeiro and continued playing. I knew I needed to play well in order to come here. Afterwards I heard and saw what the manager had to say about me and I was relaxed knowing that there was a chance of a deal happening. In order to get here I had to be very good with Cruzeiro. I went on holidays, came back for the pre-season, everything was going well and then we got back to negotiating the deal and everything worked out”.

Photograph with the European Cup trophies
“I've now seen what it is going to be like, the importance of each game and how we're going to compete for every tournament. I've stood in front of the trophies and the cups, and it made me feel longing and excitement. I want to win every competition I play in and go down in the club's history”.

Butragueño on FIFA
“Firstly, we absolutely agree with FIFA on this issue. Secondly, we have collaborated and continue to collaborate with FIFA for whatever is asked of us and thirdly, we are absolutely confident in Real Madrid's conduct”.