Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid

Ancelotti: “We stood up to be counted and played well”

NEWS | 15/01/2015 | Javier García

“The Bernabéu helped us throughout the match with a lot of enthusiasm and support", he explained.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media as he assessed the match against Atlético: "The key to the match was in the two mistakes. It's something that we have to correct. But we can't forget our first hour of the match, which, for me, was spectacular. The Bernabéu helped us throughout the match with a lot of enthusiasm and support. The atmosphere was extraordinary."

"You have to assess the match. Firstly, we were made to pay a heavy price for our mistakes, while during the first 60 minutes we played very well. You can't play better. It's difficult when you go 1-0 down at the start, but we stood up to be counted and played very well. We have three weeks to prepare for the Champions League and this is good for the team."

The possibility of coming back
"After the first goal we conceded, we believed in the comeback. We played with penetration, tempo and controlled the play. At half time, we were up for it because something could be done. We started the second half by conceding and we produced a good reaction to equalise. But afterwards, the team thought it was more difficult."

Formula for beating Atlético
"We found the formula last year; this year, not yet. We have another game to go against them. In La Liga, we have a lead over Atlético. We know that they're a very strong team and we're going to approach our next game against them in the best way possible."

I'm delighted with how we played in the first half.

"We made mistakes that we don't usually make. We had problems passing the ball out from the back. It's the first time that we've experienced these mistakes and I don't think it will happen again. The team has quality in bringing the ball out from the back."

"He did very well, with the consistency and quality of previous games. But everyone played very well."

Lack of cutting edge in front of goal?
"We'd be concerned if we didn't have chances to score. But we produced attractive play with quality, tempo and intensity. I'm not concerned about that. We scored two goals. The concern comes from the mistakes we made at the back in bringing the ball out, which I don't think we'll make again."

Atlético defence
"Playing through the middle against Atlético is difficult, because they close up their banks of players very well. It's very difficult to find spaces between the lines."

Pepe substitution
"He has taken a knock to his ribs that is painful at the moment. He'll have a scan in the coming hours and we'll see."