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Ancelotti: "To beat Atlético you have to be firing on all cylinders"

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NEWS | 06/01/2015 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

"We know each other very well and we know that it'll be difficult because they're one of the best teams in Europe," he added.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media as he analysed Wednesday's match against Atlético, in which Real Madrid will look to gain the advantage in their Copa del Rey last-16 tie (9pm CET): “Both teams know each other very well. We have played a lot of times, they're a difficult team with fighting spirit, organisation, experience and quality. To beat Atlético you have to be firing on all cylinders, because they're one of the best teams in Europe."

“Our approach to the game will be the same as always: we'll try to play to our philosophy, with intensity and quality, so as to be better than our opponents. Each side has its own idea of football and there'll be no change in that respect. They will play a focused, intense game. And we will too. The team that does its job better out on the field will win."

Keylor Navas to start
“A usual eleven will play, although there could be changes. There are still players who have not completely recovered and we'll see. We're going to field the best team possible. Keylor will play in goal in the Copa till the end of our campaign."

Match at Mestalla
“We're focused on the match at the Calderón. What happened against Valencia is in the past and now we're preparing well for this game, which we know will be difficult. We maintain the same fighting spirit and desire to continue to do well, as has been the case so far."

“I've watched the incident at Mestalla and it wasn't easy to pass the ball. He made the decision to try to score and I don't need to talk to him about that. The squad know that when there's the option of the pass you play it, but in this case there was no space and he made a decision. I don't think he's individualistic. He slotted into the team very well last year, he's scored goals in three of the four finals that we've played and the pressure he has is positive."


“The team isn't tired. We've had seven days' holiday and we're in good shape physically. At Mestalla we pushed hard right to the end of the match and we played with intensity. I don't think we'll be tired going into the end of the season. I don't think that we lack intensity or that the defeat against Valencia was down to that. It was down to a lack of goals." 

Team's condition
“Statistics tell you some things, but in physical terms I don't think they're so important. It's possible that we ran less, but if you have the ball you run less than your opponent. In the final stages of the game at Mestalla, we played with intensity. The team is fresh and doesn't have any problems."

Previous clashes with Atlético in the Copa
“The semi-finals and the last 16 are different knock-out ties. They will be two even games with intensity, and I don't think much will change from last year."

“Without playing, he has already brought a lot of enthusiasm to the supporters. He has received affection. He has experience, quality and he's going to be motivated and raring to do well."

“I focus on my own team and on the problems that we have, and I don't look at what's happening at Barcelona. Every team has problems at some stage of the season. Barcelona's defeat at Anoeta is good for the table. Our defeat hasn't done us so much harm."

Decisions made by Luis Enrique
“I can't comment on that, I don't know the Barcelona dressing room. Every coach makes their own decisions. He is the best-placed person to make decisions in his team, because he's the coach."