Pickem Real Madrid

‘Pickem Real Madrid’: the new game that allows fans to let out their inner coach

NEWS | 17/12/2014

Supporters will be able to put to the test their knowledge of the performance of the first-team players.
Real Madrid have launched their new online game. Called 'Pickem Real Madrid', its users must select a team of 8 players and choose in which of the next two matchdays, either in the Champions League or La Liga, they will perform the best. To accumulate more virtual points, the user must rank the members of their line-up from 1 to 8, with 1 the player who will obtain the most points and 8 the player who will pick up the fewest. Everything that happens on the pitch is measured by highly precise innovative software, making 'Pickem Real Madrid' a simple and really fun game.

What's more, the best teams can win huge prizes such as Real Madrid matchday tickets, shirts, balls and official watches.Discover the game now.